Meet My Family

This is my handsome husband!!!
Name: David
Fave Food: pizza - thin crust, pepperoni
Work: owns a Chick-fil-A in our city
College: Samford University in Alabama
Fave Color: Orange
Fave Team: UT - Go Vols!!!
Fave Sport: football
Hobbies: yard work, reading, tinkering with his Jeep, coaching our daughter's soccer team, missions work in Ethiopia and staying connected in our community

My gorgeous daughter!

Name: Chloe
NickNames: Co-co, Chloe Bell, Monkey
Fave Food: Coconut Ice Cream
Fave Color: Aqua Blue
Work: Second Grade!!
Fave Sport: gymnastics
Fave Team: UT football and UNC basketball
Hobbies: reading, writing stories, doing crafts, anything with mommy, gymnastics, singing, playing outside with her brother, taking bubble baths
What She Wants To Be When She Grows Up: Gymnast
Personality: very much a perfectionist, natural leader, hard working, people pleaser, deeply passionate about things, inquisitive

This is my incredibly handsome son!!!
Name: Brody
Nicknames: Bro, Birdy,
Fave Food: PB&J
Fave Color: Orange
Work: Kindergarten
Fave Sport: Basketball
Fave Team: UT Vols
Hobbies: playing iPad, Minecraft, watching superhero movies with his daddy
What He Wants To Be When He Grows Up: Army Man
Personality: Entertainer, very good friend, sweet and loving, SILLY!!!!!