Bucket List

Since I've had cancer, I decided a Bucket List would be more than appropriate. When faced with the very very real possibility of an untimely/early death, you sort of begin to see things differently and more urgently. So, here are things on my bucket list. What's on yours?

1. Plant a garden
2. Go to Africa for mission work
3. Run my 2nd half-marathon
4. Learn to play tennis well
5. Climb Pike's Peak
6. Learn to make wine
7. Go to Italy again with my husband and children
8. Learn sign language
9. See the Northern Lights
10. Visit Israel and see the places where Jesus lived, did his ministry, and died
11. Read every Jane Green book there is
12. Read through the entire Bible
13. Get a master's degree in something...I LOVE school!!!
14. Meet Adam Levine from Maroon 5
15. Get a book published
16. Adopt a child
17. Live in a foreign country for 6 months
18. Learn a foreign language

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