Blog Roll

Nichole - My Next Move - one of my most favorite people ever, fellow writer, and learning to really LOVE after a great year of successful connecting. Check out her blog!

Ann VosKamp - 1000 Gifts - your life will be deeply impacted by this blog if you will allow yourself to just "go there" and experience what she writes.

Angie Smith - Bring The Rain - wife to lead singer for Selah, this blogger and published author has experienced the deepest pain you could ever imagine...the loss of her newborn within hours of her birth. Angie has a gift for writing and telling a story.

Wendy - Writing a New Story - fellow breast cancer survivor!!! Lives in California but is a blogger friend of mine who is writing a new story with her life as well. She does blog about breast cancer some, but it's not her focus anymore either. Check her out!

Kelly - Team Blevins -this is my family blog where I chronicle the daily happenings in our family of 4.