Saturday, May 3, 2014


I cannot wait to share this news with you. God has shown off once again and left me with my mouth wide open in awe. Just briefly, this is how our adoption process works and how the payment process is laid out:
1. Homestudy - $2150
2. Agency Fee #1 - $700
3. Agency Fee #2 - $3000
4. Agency Fee #3 - $4500
5. Ethiopian Government and Adoption Fees - $12000
6. Travel fees for two trips to ET - $5000
7. Tons of other fees for paperwork and other things - $1500 or so
Looking at this is simply overwhelming which is why we decided not to look at the big picture of the fee schedule but to take one fee at a time and NOT go into debt. We have agreed that no matter how long it takes, that we will work really really hard at fundraising and getting these fees saved and gathered in order to speed our child home. However, human nature can get the best of you from time to time and make you go "how in the WORLD are we going to do this?" But we have learned that God will provide. Like the daily manna for the Israelites, He is providing for each step at the perfect time and it's been incredible to watch. As of now, we have sent up through Agency Fee #2 ($3000) and are just waiting on our home study to be approved which is when we will owe the next fee of $4500.

Friends, this is where it gets exciting. How the fees "appeared." First, we entered a grant contest with Ordinary Hero...the group we go to Ethiopia with. It was a last minute entry and honestly I never wanted to do these in the past. However, when I think of my child (and no, we don't even know her yet) sitting in a third world country possibly sick, and probably starving I will do whatever it takes to get her here as fast as possible. We came in second place in that contest and ended up winning $615. Thank you to those who purchased OH shirts and gear!
Next, my awesome husband decided to trade in his beloved Jeep. Yes, the Jeep he loved, cherished and nearly considered his other child! He downgraded to a car and got $3100 (Agency Fee #2 - God - manna) to go towards our adoption. I was dumbfounded as this was a total shock and surprise to me. I never expected it and actually tried to talk him out of it because I never wanted him to sacrifice something that he had worked so hard for and really really wanted. However, he insisted and the other car will more comfortably fit 3 kids!
Then, we won a trip to Bermuda through Chick-fil-A (it was a contest for the owner/operators), but David emailed asking if we could use the funds they would have spent on the trip instead towards our adoption and shared a bit of our hearts for this with them. He told them there was a way to make it tax deductible, but if the answer was no that we could definitely enjoy a trip to Bermuda and were super grateful for that as well. They replied by telling us that they were giving any owner/operator that couldn't go a $1500 AmEx gift card!!! We can use that towards our fees!!!
And finally, we set up a fundraising website where all donations go to Ordinary Hero who will in turn send them straight to our agency. This way, anyone who donates can get a tax deduction! We have had several people donate out of the blue with some incredible stories to share with us. Two of the people who have donated came up to me last night at a ladies event at our church and shared with me their passion for wanting to help bring Baby Blevins 3 home. I stand amazed at how God is using the body of Christ for this child. She is already loved, wanted, and worth more than she could ever imagine! She is already beginning to impact people's lives and we don't even know if she has been born yet!
Oh, and I almost forgot...I have started working at the store with David on Brody's pre-school days and my check goes straight to the adoption fund! It's been lots of fun but a big change from being a stay at home mom for 7 years.

Are you ready for this? We are at $4100 for our next agency fee that is due...and we only need $4500. We are SO CLOSE!!! I cannot even tell you how my heart is screaming "JESUS!!!" It's all Him! He is providing it step by step.

So that's my unBELIEVABLY great update! Keep in prayer for us please and share our website on your Facebook pages or Twitters if you don't mind. Maybe our story will even encourage other people!

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