Monday, January 20, 2014

Adoption Update and 300 Partners

My sister-in-law posted this on Facebook yesterday and after reading it I knew I had to share it here too. It is a beautifully written article about choosing to adopt, how to support the family who is adopting, and what adoptive families wish you knew.

Team Blevins has not been met with any verbal disapproval, but there have been some who have chosen to just ignore the topic all together. It's hurtful as we are excited and feel like this is another pregnancy in a way. We want people to share in our excitement and journey... and 95% of you all have!

We are simply over the moon since saying "yes" to God's calling. We think about our baby a lot and talk about her often. We wonder if she has been born yet, or if her mother is walking around pregnant, searching for work and hungry. We wonder if she is one of the women carrying the 200 pounds of sticks on her back up and down Entoto Mountain every single day for $1. We wonder if she knows that she is loved, and cared about. We hope that God is already laying it on her heart that the baby that she can't care for will be loved and cared for by our family. We hope that she will receive the peace that only God can give that the child who is growing in her belly is growing in our hearts and that we will ALL be family soon.

Chloe is wanting to help us choose a name for her new sister and we are looking at names. We want to choose the name carefully and make sure that it has great meaning. Brody grins every time we talk about the child and wants to know how much longer. It's so neat to see them get excited about their new sibling. Brody just insists that it CANNOT be a brother because he wants to be the only boy. Haha! He is a mess.

As for the fundraising with the "believe band" bracelets - well, it's going incredibly well and we would like to keep pushing those bands! There are many of you who haven't gotten yours yet and we would love nothing more to see people all over Clarksville, and our friends' and families' home towns wearing them. If we can get 300 people to buy 2 of them then guess what...WE WILL HAVE THE FUNDS RAISED that we need to get the referral for our child. Yes, that's right. We will have enough money for the home study and agency fee. After that it is just a matter of waiting for the referral to come in and then we wait to pick her up.

So, will you please please please become part of our adoption story by purchasing 2 to keep and one to share. If just 300 people will do this then we will be ready to receive our referral. Or, if you don't want a bracelet and you would rather just donate to our adoption fund, you can do that also by emailing me at BLEVINSADOPTION@GMAIL.COM for details.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and love as we walk by faith and rely on God for every single step in this process.