Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Team Blevins' Christmas News

Team Blevins 4.0 has some exciting news to share and what a perfect time of year to let you all in on what we have been treasuring in our hearts for quite some time now. We are following God's lead as we enter this new phase of life and choosing to trust instead of fear the unknowns knowing that God will provide. First though, a little background...

David and I knew from the time we were engaged that we wanted to have a large family...large to us is 3-4 children. Things were going well in the kid department until right after Brody (aka Blevins 2.0) was born. When he was 4 months old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Honestly, at the time, we didn't think a thing about my fertility. We had a 26 month old at home and a 4 month old. We weren't thinking about another baby anyways. We were still in survival mode from having 2 kids 21 months apart. We did what we had to do at the time which was take the treatments and survive the cancer.

A year ago, after getting through all of that and beginning to really feel better, I started feeling a deep hole in my heart. An ache for another baby. I started talking to my oncologist about it and she agreed to let me come off of my cancer pill at the 5 year mark  (next August) in order to try to get pregnant. I would have to agree to go back on it after the baby was born. And she would give me a year to try. That sounded like a good plan.

But God had other plans. In February, just 3 months after that talk with my oncologist, I ended up in the hospital with a huge kidney stone and a surgery. The CT scan that showed the stone, also revealed a large mass on my ovary. Just by looking at it, there was no way to tell if it was cancerous or not, but some of the characteristics of it leaned towards it being so. After discussions with both my gynecologist and oncologist everyone agreed that I should have a hysterectomy because the breast cancer pill I am on causes uterine cancer. So, after a lot of prayer, tears and finally a peace about it, that's what happened. I had a total hysterectomy at 35 years old...taking away my last chance of ever having another baby of my own. I was secretly devastated. Many people didn't understand that feeling though given that I have a boy and a girl. They don't have to understand it though. It's okay... God gives us all different wants and desires. Ones that line up with His heart if we are seeking Him I believe.

But again, God had plans to redeem the devastation I felt. Just several months later, David and I traveled to Ethiopia for missions and while there, he birthed a passion in my heart that I never knew really existed for me and my family. International adoption. I had always considered adoption eventually, but assumed it would be domestic. However, when God enters the picture he takes your plans and vision and twists it into His plan to make it perfect. After spending 10 days in country with the women and children of Ethiopia I knew how we would grow our family. I knew that God was calling our family to adopt from Ethiopia. I knew that our child would be a rescued orphan that would really rescue us from our selfishness of first world-ness. I knew that our child was already growing in our hearts instead of my belly and that that love would continue to grow the closer and closer we got to meeting him or her.

Chloe and Brody know that they are going to be getting a baby from Ethiopia who will be born in mommy and daddy's hearts...and their hearts. They know that it may be a while before we get to meet our newest little one and they are very excited it. My children already have a heart for Ethiopia from seeing our pictures and hearing us talk about it.

You all can have a part in our journey to adoption also. This is your chance to jump on board and partner with Team Blevins 4.0 and help us to become Team Blevins 5.0
We have decided to sell these awesome hand-made clay bands from MudLove to jump start our fundraising efforts. I have one and I LOVE it!!!

For each one purchased, the company donates 20% of its sales towards clean water in Africa. So it's a bonus buy... it helps us get our baby home and helps the people of Africa. You can also partner with us and sell them  to your friends and family. If you can sell 10 or more for us, you can have yours for FREE!!!  And have your friends sell them to their friends. Ah, the circle could go on and on and on! They make great gifts to!

So here is how it works:
1. The paypal button is on the side of my blog. You can pay there or pay in cash. If you want more than 1 bracelet, just indicate that in the amount you pay as there is no option for quantity.
2. If you choose to pay in cash, please send an email to so that we can meet up.
3. If you choose to pay via paypal and would like to save me some shipping costs, email me and let me know where to deliver your bracelet to.
4. The band colors will vary but if you have a first or second choice in colors, please indicate that in the message section of the paypal invoice or in the email that you send. I will do my very best to honor all color requests!
5. If you have any other questions, please email me! All adoption related things from here on out will be handled at
6. If you would like to partner with us and sell to your friends and family, get your list of 10 people and their costs up front. Then turn it all in at the same time. That is how I will know it is all from you and you will get your free bracelet.

We are soooo excited yet nervous about this venture! Clearly this is way out of our comfort zone and we have no idea what we are doing. But, we are seeking wise council and just trusting God to lead us every single step of the way. Stay tuned as we work hard, pray hard, and bring our baby home...and join us in praying for our family as we go through this process!