Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ethiopia - More About Day Two

This was the day that we actually arrived in Addis Ababa. Our flight landed at 8:30ish Ethiopia time and we hit the ground running. On the way to the house from the airport, I learned a few things...
A) there are no real rules for driving in Addis. There are no lanes, no usage of turn signals, and no emissions testing. To say that my heart nearly stopped every single van ride would be an understatement. However, our van driver, Gecho, had it all under control and I was cruising along by the third day and loving being on "Team Gecho!"
B) there is no such thing as time, time frames, nor usage of clocks in Ethiopia. I learned very quickly that there is time and then there is "Africa Time." It was actually nice though to not worry about schedules or being late anywhere because no one got worked up about anything regarding time.
After we arrived at the guest house, we unpacked and got to see our sweet friend Temesgen. He is a young man who David met 2 years ago when he was in Ethiopia. We have kept in touch with him via Facebook several times per week over the past few years and have come to love this kid like he is our own family. Soon after, we went to the IAG orphanage. We spent several hours there loving on the kiddos and then headed back for dinner and a team meeting to introduce ourselves and get to know a little about the people we would be spending the next 10 days with. 
It was an extremely long day and to say that we fell asleep quickly would be quite accurate.

some of the homes 

selling produce roadside

mommy working and little boy playing alongside her

this is the view I had every day out of my window in the guest house. These little boys gather each day and ask to come in, ask for clothes, food, and even to stay the night. Occasionally one would be allowed to come have dinner with us, but these boys are for the most part well taken care of and really are just wanting attention and love...which we were able to give lots of :) We even challenged them one evening to a soccer match...USA vs ET

David and Temesgen

sweet baby boy at IAG

these little ones LOVED our sunglasses! Simple pleasures...

my new sweet friend, Kim, loving on this baby too

My heart stopped at the moment! LOVE LOVE LOVE this
 sweet little munchkin. Happiest baby on earth!!!

oh how I miss the days of having a baby to love on and cuddle

this kid reminds me of an old man trapped in a toddler's body! 
Haha! Isn't he the sweetest little one? I just love his serious expression!


  1. That last picture makes me want to cry!

  2. PS I must not be "African" enough because living on African time frustrates me no end! When I studied Sociology it was explained but seriously, we've moved on from those days :-) We set times for a reason. But hey, I love my people. Tardy or not ;-)

  3. Thandi, you are awesome!!! Having only been back in the States for a few days, I so wish I was back on Africa time!!! Schedules are now driving me nuts ;)