Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ethiopia - Day Two

July 1, 2013

Words fail me. Thoughts bombard my brain. Emotions overwhelm my soul.


Two year old Ashanti and 7 year old Alimoota. Today I met them in the orphanage visit we did. David brought Ashanti to me and immediately we were both drawn to her. Her cute little afro, her perfectly white baby teeth, chubby thighs and infectious laugh were more than my heart could take. But then I saw that my heart could stretch more...Alimoota is his name and he is Ashanti's big brother.

His eyes lit up when he saw me playing with his sister and he slowly edged his way over to me. Through his translator, I found out that Alimoota loves soccer, shares my favorite color green, is not in school, and adores his sister.

Their story goes deep and I don't know all of it... just that they were both dropped off at the orphange yesterday.  They are alone in a new place. When I asked the nanny what the girl's name was, she paused, couldn't remember, and had to ask someone else. My heart broke. Thankfully God knows her name, the details of her little life, and what her future holds.

After spending a good deal of time with both kiddos, Alimoota told the translator that he wishes he could be in our family and that he is going to pray every day to ask God for us to be his forever family. Me too dear too!






2:15AM - I am wide awake with tears streaming. My mind has instantly gone to Ashanti and Alimoota. I wake David up with my sobs and we talk about the kids, the possibilities and try to process it all. I should say that 2:15 is not a good time to attempt to do this. My mind kept wondering and I could do nothing to calm it except pray and ask God to watch over these kids...and to please find a way for them to be ours.

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  1. I can not wait to read more about your trip! I am blown away by the timing of this---your 1st day there---they arrived the day before. Anxious to see what happens next no matter what I love the fact that you said- God knows her name. He has a plan!