Friday, July 12, 2013

Ethiopia - Day Three

July 2, 2013

Today we made a long trip through Addis to another orphanage that is run by nuns. The drive there was nothing short of lines on the road, no emissions and shockingly no road rage!!!

At the orphanage I met Arrihu - a 9 year old girl, who to my complete surprise and thrill has a forever family waiting for her in Michigan! She told me all about her new family with a huge smile on her face. She will have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My heart almost screamed with joy! We bonded instantly and I spent most of my time with her. I taught her the hand games and rhymes that Chloe has taught me, and after that we were some rhyming/clapping machines. Ha!

After the games, it was time for manicures! Thankfully I brought 4 bottles of nail polish as these little girls lined up to have their nails painted. I probably painted 15 girls' nails today. What a simple pleasure! Another thing I take for granted yet means the world and brings huge smiles to these amazing little girls. The color of the day was pink, but purple was a close second. Then we decided to get a little fancy and paint every other nail pink with purple in between. Ha! 

After this fun, I went up to the baby/toddler room. Oh! I was shocked to see the number of little ones in this tiny room! The smell was overwhelming and the flies were in abundance. The nannies were caring for these children as best as possible, but there were just so many of them crammed in there. As I opened the door though and got over my initial shock, the sweetest little boy came toddling over to me, raised his chubby arms and said "up up up" until he was in my arm and on my hip. He was dressed as Spiderman so that is what I called him. He played with my sunglasses and my backpack zippers for quite a while and was content to do so. As I got ready to leave, he didn't cry when I put him down, but just looked at me and said "up up up" again. I gave him one last hug and had to go...

When it was time to leave, I got a lot of big hugs from Arrihu and as I kissed her sweet forehead, I left content knowing that she has a great future ahead of her.

Candy time!!! These kids LOVE their candy

They also LOVED my iPhone pictures and videos. They watched one of Brody dancing over and over again and giggled hysterically each and every time.

laundry time

David with a bird's eye view

manicures galore!

I love this picture for some reason. 

Next we ventured out to an organization called Hope for the Hopeless. This is a place that takes kids off the streets and through sponsorship gives them a home and an education. Today we helped them move from their old "shelter" to their brand new home!!! It was incredibly exciting for the kids and staff to be going from very run down and tiny to spacious and very clean. 

The kids were SO excited to get to decorate their new rooms and show us their new home. The boys posed on their beds and asked for their pictures to be taken. They are so very proud to be there. The girls were very into decorating their room and were meticulous about how it looked. Love! 
littles gathered outside of Hope for the Hopeless waiting to play

The bathroom in their old building

6 bunks to a single light space...their way of life and yet in America people complain that 3000 square feet and 4 bedrooms aren't enough. Ugh!!!

Happy boy!

Precious little girl who asked me to take her picture


loving my time with this group of littles

mom and her daughter who came to see their son/brother before he left for his new home. This picture is just captivating to me...

New home...lots of room despite the 6 bunks to a room. 

The boys are so proud of their new living quarters!!!

On the drive back from Hope for the Hopeless, we were approached by several homeless beggars at each stop that we made. The one that made my heart ache was the mom carrying her infant in a "mobi" type wrap on her back. She begged on both sides of the van and kept asking for food. Because of the law, we could not give her anything - not even a small snack. My heart just aches for this mama and her little baby. Please God let her and her child be fed tonight.

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