Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ethiopia - Day One

** I am blogging my entire Ethiopia Trip over the next few days. While in country, we had no internet throughout the entire city...not unusual - but a total blessing in disguise! So, keep checking back each day to hear the stories that I journaled each day and see the pictures we took. God was at work every minute of every day and I saw it displayed mightily in this third world country.

June 30, 2013
10:15 AM - We have settled nicely into our seats on the gigantic Ethiopian Airlines plane. It was a small struggle to get bags placed and things situated into easily accessible areas, but we managed to pretty much rock it out :) The plans are to be comfortable for the next 14 the middle seat. We will see how that works out.

There are 27 people on our team from Tennessee, North Dakota, and Utah. Only a handful of this team have been before, and it seems as though God has perfectly orchestrated this trip with this group of people.

So far I have seen lots of sweet Ethiopian families in the airport with their kids. One little boy - almost 2 - was screaming and not wanting to go through security. David started talking to him and pretending to be an airplane. The child briefly calmed and was taken by this.
I've also noticed several caucasian families with Ethiopian children...presumably traveling back to visit. My heart longs for our family to look like this one day. I can see this so perfectly clear. Lord I pray this is your will.

Excited to see what the next 9 days will look like. May God use us to glorify Him.

leaving Washington D.C.

let's get this party started

Our first taste of Ethiopian food...thankfully the food 
in country was a whole lot better than this

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  1. Ever since we had our first influx of Ethiopian refugess here in South Africa, the people have been interesting, as well as the whole adoption by non-African thing. (Not in a bad way, LOL)