Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home, Healing, and Health

I last left you with news of having a total hysterectomy with ovarian removal due to a painful ovarian cyst/mass. We weren't sure of what it was when I went into surgery which left me a little nervous on the day of the surgery as to what the pathology would end up showing. Here is how the hospital stay went.
I was admitted Monday morning at 5:30. David and I rolled up to the hospital and got quickly settled into the surgery suite. After 5 IV attempts which left 2 silver dollar sized bruises, they finally got my IV started on the inside of my wrist - OUCH! Why oh why did I have that port-a-cath removed again? Shortly after the IV was started though, my surgeon came in, went over everything again and I was being wheeled back to the OR before I knew it. Nerves set in, tears welled up and prayers started. Then the Versed kicked in and I don't remember another thing until I got to my room. Pain was unbearable for the first 24 hours, but having the pain control pump helped to some extent. So Tuesday I woke up feeling really blah and then they discovered a fever of 103.8 and my lungs were hurting and I couldn't stop coughing...along with pain just all over. After blood cultures, x-rays and flu testing, it was determined I had Influenza type B and pneumonia. So, IV antibiotics and Tamiflu were started (along with a new IV which meant 4 more IV sticks), they kept me on the pain pump for another 2 days and I rested as much as possible. The Tamiflu caused ridiculous amounts of nausea so I was also on IV Phenergan for that. Needless to say I don't remember a lot of the first 3 days in the hospital.
Finally on Friday I was released to come home that night. I wasn't 100% ready, but I knew I wouldn't be 100% for a while. It was great to see my kids and parents again...especially since my parents were due to fly back home the next day. Chloe and Brody were both so careful around me and both thought the staples across my abdomen were "cool."
So, here I sit, 11 days post op and I am glad to say that I am finally getting back to my normal self. I have been so hard on myself in regards to not bouncing back like I thought I should have, but then I remind myself that it wasn't JUST was also the flu and pneumonia. David has been the PERFECT husband in regards to not letting me lift a finger and to pretty much stay in rest-mode. He has gotten up every single day with the kids, gotten them ready for school and taken them. He has picked them up from school for me and has done laundry and dishes. He has entertained the kids, gone grocery shopping, and even had time to get back to his job too. I have been so blessed with being able to really follow doctor orders and rest. I got my staples out this past Monday and will go back to the doctor for a check up again next week and then again in mid-April.
As for pathology results...BENIGN. It was all benign. No ovarian, no uterine cancer. And all I can do is utter "thank you" to God over and over again. So incredibly grateful that I am not looking at another cancer, a  recurrence of breast cancer, or more chemotherapy. Sigh of relief and breathing easier. Although I can sit here and say with 100% honesty that I had prayed before surgery that no matter what the outcome that I would choose to praise His name. Because regardless of the situation, isn't He worth it?!?