Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out With the Old and In With the New

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I don't do resolutions in the new year. I think they are pointless and big set ups for failure and discouragement. Instead, I pray and choose ONE WORD...just one and that becomes my focus, or goal for the year. I have been given my word for 2013 and it was given to me in the most unexpected way, leaving me no doubt that God wants this to be my focus this year.
What's my one word? FLOURISH! That's it. FLOURISH! Want to hear how it came to be? I was praying about my word one day on the way to an appointment and telling God that I just needed a good year. That I needed some new hope and joy this year after almost 4 years of trial, suffering, and heartache. I needed a new perspective. Minutes later my text alert on my phone goes off and it's from a friend I haven't talked to in literally 2 years. This was the text from her "Hey Kelly! It's Erin Blair. SItting on the porch overlooking the ocean reading my Bible when I came to Psalm 92. Beside it I had written 'Kelly Blevins w/ cancer 5/31/11' then verses 12-15 it said 'new season for her'. I don't know how things are going but I prayed this Psalm for you this morning and believe 2013 will be your best year yet full of flourishing. Sending lots of love your way today!"
So after a lot of smiling and thanking Jesus for that text, I decided to go home and look up synonyms for the word "flourish." Yeah, I think I must be a writer at heart because who else would look up synonyms for the fun of it? Ha! Anyways, after looking and getting a strong sensing in my soul, I decided to stick with FLOURISH. To me it just means living well. Not just surviving but living abundantly the way God wants us to live. John 10:10 tells us that He (Jesus) came to give us life... life to the abundance.
So, here is to a year of flourishing as gracefully as possible. Here is to a year of living the abundant life that Jesus promised His followers.

What is your word for 2013? I would love to hear it and add you to my prayer journal that you may live out your word every single day of this new year.


  1. What a sweet story..flourish: it's kind of like waking up and being awesome! Was awesome a synonym? hehe.

  2. Hey, where's the "like" button? Great post! I'm going to go get a word for 2013, too! Well, I'm going to try.