Thursday, January 17, 2013

God Is Always Good - No Matter What!

As I posted a few weeks ago, the word that the Lord gave me to focus on for 2013 was FLOURISH. After doing a little digging in the dictionary and thesaurus - okay, maybe I didn't dig but just went to - this is what I came up with:

Main entry: Flourish
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: exist in abundance
Synonyms: be alive with, be all over the place, be knee-deep in, be no end to, be plentiful, be thick with, be up to one's ears in, crawl with, crowd, abound, flow, have a full plate, infest, overflow, proliferate, swarm, swell, thrive

Can you even believe those synonyms? My favorites are thrive, be alive with, and be no end to. And how about that definition - to exist in abundance! The scripture that God has given me to go along with my word for this month is John 10:10b which says: "I (Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly." 
To ensure my successful flourishing this year, I am setting some goals. I have found that it's really easy to have good intentions and say that I want to flourish this year, but if I don't have an action plan that it probably won't happen and I will go on living a good life - but not necessarily the greater life. The abundant life. The life that flourishes. So, goal #1 is to find a way to live abundantly EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am literally waking up every day and asking the Lord to help me flourish that day...even in the mundane, day-to-day tasks, I want to flourish. Goal #2 is to pick a new verse every month that speaks to me about living a full, abundant life, commit it to memory and say it EVERY SINGLE DAY (see a pattern here?) And goal #3 is to blog my experiences here - good and bad, abundant and scarce. I want to be able to look back and see how faithful God has been. If you have read my blog any length of time, you will know what I mean when I say that I often will reference back to the beginning of this blog (when I was first diagnosed with cancer) and can read for hours and constantly see how faithful God has been to me. One way that we honor God is by remembering His goodness and so I want to make more memories so that I can always and forever honor Him with my thankfulness and praises.

I am also digging into a book that I have read before (and highlighted like nobody's business) and this time I am doing the work book that goes with it. It's by my favorite Bible Study gal - Priscilla Shirer. She pretty much rocks as she loves her some Jesus, is a mommy to young boys, and can bring the Word like you've never heard it before. I just "get" her and can relate on so many levels. Anywho...the book is One In A Million - Journey To Your Promised Land. I'm already, this second time reading it, finding new things and even old things that are speaking to me in a new way this time. And it helps to dig a little deeper and do the work book with it.

I've also been given a huge challenge this friend Cathey, who I blogged about recently, passed away last night. She left this temporary Earth and met Jesus face to face. I can only imagine the welcome home that she received and I KNOW without a doubt that she heard those coveted words "well done my good and faithful servant." The flesh part of me wants to retreat, cry, go into the world of survivor guilt that has been so much of my life for 3 years, and ask "why NOT me?" The flesh part of me has wondered how I am supposed to flourish when I have lost yet another friend to breast cancer. But the Lord is covering me in His grace and having mercy on this gal. It was not a random chance that Cathey died within a few weeks of God giving me the word FLOURISH. He had it worked out waaaaay before. He wants me to lean into Him and not give in to the flesh, but to press on and live the abundant life He has promised me even when I don't see how it is possible. He wants me to trust that it IS possible because He promised it to His followers, and He does what He says He will.

So last night after I got the word that Cathey was sitting in the presence of Jesus, and all day today, I have asked God to help me FLOURISH. To give me scripture, remind me of His faithfulness, and to comfort this broken heart. He has not failed all. He has reminded me that just as the Word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, that Cathey is overjoyed and healed forever and basking in the glory of the Lord. She is absent from her broken and worn down body - praise Jesus! He has comforted me by bringing memories of my time with Cathey back to mind and I have smiled so much thinking about certain times and conversations we had. I have smiled. I have had joy. I have flourished today and for that I am grateful.

I will leave you with this - please lift Cathey's family and friends up to the Lord as they prepare for the services. I specifically have asked the Lord to be with them as the mourn and grieve but to then turn their mourning into dancing like He promises in Scripture (Cathey loved to dance).

As always, thanks for taking the time to read the innermost thoughts of this stay at home mom/cancer surviving/Jesus loving/flourishing/southern gal. I am humbled!

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