Monday, July 2, 2012


Blogger Friends!!! I have some very exciting news and can hardly contain myself as I write this post. It has absolutely nothing to do with me other than the fact that I really really want you to support my dear friends, Daniel and Emily Doss, as they get ready to expand their family through adoption once again. Let me show you what they are selling as their first fundraiser and then I will share a little of their background story with you. Brace yourselves because these are SO CUTE!!! As in, I ordered 3 for in blue, pink and black and cannot wait to get them. So without further ado, I give you:

Blessed Bracelets

These adorable bracelets are ONLY $10 each and that includes shipping! I mean honestly, how reasonable is that?!? Cute and cheap - right up my alley. 

Now, for a just a little info about Daniel and Emily (because truly you can get to know them better at Emily's Blog). We met the Doss's at our home church in January 2006. At first we just knew them because Daniel was our worship pastor, but as we became more involved in serving at our church and began getting to know people, Emily and Daniel were two people who we knew were the "real deal!" A breath of fresh air. Daniel isn't just an amazing worship pastor and lead singer of the Daniel Doss Band, he is a man who passionately pursues God and truly invests in the lives of others. And Emily, super sweet Emily! I cannot even tell you how radiant and contagious her smile is and how she lights up a room when she walks in it. She loves Jesus like nobody's business and just makes me want to be a more devoted follower of Christ.  I was blessed to get to know Emily though the years and even share in some fun scrap-booking nights with her. Boy can that gal whip out some serious page layouts. I really wanted to just give her my photos and ask her to just make my books for me. Ha! 
Anyways, the Doss's moved a few years ago to Indiana as part of a church plant. While there, and after many many heartbreaks, they were blessed through adoption with their first child, Manny. Oh goodness gracious is that little boy PRECIOUS! He seriously has the most kissable baby cheeks!!! And without sharing their entire story with you, because I WANT you to go to their blog to get to know them, I will just leave you with this. They are expanding their family again and the Blessed Bracelets are their first fundraiser. All of the details about payment are on her blog, so again, CHECK IT OUT. For the short of it though, you can pay through a paypal link in her sidebar, or mail her a check (I think).

Now, I'm going to be bossy and say - GO BUY A BRACELET (or two or three). Even if you aren't the bracelet type, someone you know is and these make wonderful gifts also. Your purchase, even though you will be physically getting something, is more than just about is about helping my friends bring their baby to his or her's forever home. What an incredibly lucky little baby he or she will be!!!
Love you all and am so grateful to have you in my family - real or blog family :)


  1. Kelly,
    I think this is so great! will see what we can do to help. thanks for posting it in your blog.
    love you friend!

  2. Hey, did they put you back on Tamoxifen (sp?)? I'm thinking they must not have, or you would have mentioned it.

    Your attitude continues to be inspiring. May God give you tremendous grace and intervene in your treatment all the time!

  3. Paul, I will start the Tamoxifen back in August...the 21st to be exact. I am totally fine with that and am so thankful for the "holiday."