Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Week In...and Other Things

Well, it's officially been a week since starting the "I Will Rock This Weight Loss Challenge" and overall it's been a great week. I've had some hard CrossFit workouts that have left me sore and happy with an elevated mood and I've also made some amazing meals that my family has enjoyed a lot. I admit that I did have a little treat or two this past week, but that's it. Just one or two. Not one that turned into twelve that turned into "I've already screwed up so I might as well start again tomorrow..." Nope. It really has been a great week and I am proud of the progress that I made this week...scale wise and otherwise. I am going to try very hard though to NOT focus on the scale number because I am working out like crazy so I know that I am building muscle which weighs more than fat. I realize that I may be losing fat but the number on the scale may not move at all. For the first time in my life I am okay with that...I think. So, I am not sure yet where I am in the rankings (remember this has a HUGE prize lot) but it's not even really about that for me. I just want to get back to the old Kelly. The pre-cancer Kelly...maybe even the pre-baby Kelly - that would be AWESOME!!! We shall see.

On to "other things" now. Since the weekend, my family has had some hard news to swallow and some great concern about my younger brother who is stationed in Afghanistan. Without going into detail, I would like to ask for anyone reading this to just pray for our soldiers' safety and each of their families.

And finally, I have chemo again on Thursday. ICK!!! I hope with all that I have that I do NOT have any of the horrible stomach pain that I had last time and that the nausea will stay at bay. I am also hoping and praying that I have either Emily or Melissa as my nurse! They are my faves - or my new best friends...either way those gals are great! And then...after Thursday I will have only 6 treatments left and that makes this gal happy. Yep, after Thursday I will be 66% of the way done!

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