Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today, I Am Grateful...

Today, I woke up with a grateful heart. No rhyme or reason for it. Nothing particular exciting about this day. I was just grateful so I thought I would share some of the reasons why with you.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. being able to catch up with a great friend over lunch
2. randomly seeing another friend whom I haven't seen in over a year
3. spending time with a third friend today while our kids played together
4. my newest friend Cathey who shares a diagnosis and doctor with me. LOVE HER!
5. my sweet Brody pooping on the potty - FINALLY!
6. the rain, wind, and storms
7. Chloe's love for gymnastics, her friends, and Jesus
8. the Diet Dr. Pepper I had with lunch today!!!
9. my brother and all other soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms and protection
10. the iPad which kept Brody occupied during Chloe's 2 hour gymnastics class
11. all of the millions of kisses Brody has given me today
12. protection during the tornado warnings
13. my marriage
14. having the time to read a little - I LOVE to read

When I stop and think, I have tons to be grateful for and I bet you do too. I'm going to try to really embrace gratitude each day. Intentionally be grateful. Here are a few "visuals" to keep things in perspective...

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