Sunday, January 15, 2012

Question About Faith Last Night

As I was flipping through the TV channels last night I came across the Miss America 2012 pageant and that is where I landed. I LOVE watching these pageants! Not sure if it is the beautiful (mostly) evening gowns that the girls have on, or the interviews, or the actual crowning of the new queen that excites me the most. Maybe it's the talent portion that I love. Regardless, this is one of my favorite things to watch every year. 
Last night, I came in about halfway through the competition which means I got to see most of the talent showcases and all of the interviews. Most of the girls did good on their interview question, but Miss Arizona left me slightly irritated. Well, since I am blogging about it I guess I am more than slightly irritated. Here is what happened : the question asked was, is it  okay for athletes and celebrities to use their fame, to promote their faith and the judge referenced Tim Tebow.  An article I read said that this question tested the diplomacy of the contestant. I think it was a test of faith...where she really stood. Miss Arizona answered that it is good for famous people to have faith, but that when representing organizations such as Miss America, "they have to remember that they are representing a wide variety of people." Now I know that the statement may not seem all that horrible, and may at first come across as an okay answer, but there was more to her answer (I tried to find the whole quote) and it all leaned to her really pushing the point that if she won she would not make her faith a public "thing" because it may offend someone. 
So, I laid in the bed thinking about that for a while and wondered how I would answer the question if it were asked of me and this is how I THINK I would have responded. "Yes, I feel it is okay for athletes and celebrities to share their faith just as it is okay for anyone to do so. A huge part of being a Christ follower is sharing your faith, and discipling others. If that comes across as promoting my faith, then that's up to whomever sees/hears it. It's not promoting it's living it out. Walking the walk not just talking the talk."
Now, I know that I would not have won with that answer, and may have even been criticized in the public's eye. However, what is more important...wearing the crown given to me by Miss America or wearing the crown given to me by Jesus? Ummm, I'll take the latter of the two. Thank you!


  1. I agree Kelly. We have the freedom to do so, and celebrities/athletes alike speak up for their political preference or promote products for companies. Why not faith?

  2. I was watching that night and thought her answer was very "politically correct." IMO, it seems she'd rather have the crown instead of promoting {or living} what she believes. Very interesting post and topic. Surprised I haven't seen more talk about it in the blogosphere!