Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Cancer-versary To Me

Haha! Yes, it's probably weird that I am telling myself Happy Cancer-versary, but when you have walked my path for three years and are able to still smile and praise God for His blessings it becomes a very happy day.
Three years ago today I was driving to Target with my mother-in-law in the front seat and my 4 month old and 2 year old in the back seat when my cell phone rang. Thirty seconds later, my world was changed. It literally took 30 seconds... "Mrs. Blevins, your biopsy report is back and you have cancer. I need you and your husband to come into the office now so we can talk about what the plan of care will be." And that was the catalyst that began my journey.
From that point on, my focus became not just surviving, but LIVING! Living each day as if it were my last. I enjoyed things that I never had noticed before or had been to busy to notice. I let the house go a bit, I let the kids' schedules go a little, and took the time to cuddle and snuggle with them more. I saw my husband in a different light. He has always been kind and loving...very supportive and hard working. But seeing him vulnerable in this situation brought a new perspective of him to me, and I appreciated it and him even more.
I won't lie and say it was all roses and candy because there were many many tears shed, fears faced, pain felt, and heartache experienced. But what I will say is that through each and every single emotion God was my ever present help. He was, and continues to be, my rock and my fortress. I have grown immensely in my relationship with Him and I would not be who I am today if I hadn't had cancer. I was asked recently if I had had a choice, would I choose this path for my life. Hmmm.... I honestly would have to say yes, as long as it would bring honor and glory to God.
So, where are we now in the process? And I say "we" because cancer not only affects the patient, but also my family. I am 1/3 of the way through with my Herceptin treatment. I take it every 3 weeks for a total of a year. The last treatment will be in September. At that point, I will have my portacath (permanent IV in my chest) removed...again. Next month, February 23rd to be exact, I will be considered a 3 year survivor. Your "date" is the date that the surgery was that got all of the cancer and for me, that was 2/23.  And then, I am going to go ahead and look forward to February 23, 2014 when I will be considered CURED. At that point, I am going to New Jersey because the Cake Boss told me he was going to make me a pink ribbon cake for that special "cancer-versary." I met him 2 years ago on my 1 year survivor date and was able to talk to him for a bit. He has a heart for cancer patients as his dad passed away from cancer years ago.
In the meantime though, I will live each day doing my best to honor God and thank Him for His healing and His perfect plan for my life.


  1. Hey Kelly... I'm a cancer survivor as well. I'm now 18 months out from surgery, one year out from my last chemo. Breast cancer... stage IIB. Not sure how I got to your page, but I'm glad that I did. I'll be thinking of you as you continue along with your healing. May God's sweet peace rest upon you as you journey onward in faith. Oh... and say hi to the cake boss for me. I think he should make us all cakes!


    1. Elaine! Congratulations on being an 18 month SURVIVOR!!! Where are you from? So glad that you found my page too as I LOVE "meeting" other women with the same challenges and victories. Going to check out your website now. Look forward to getting to know you more.