Friday, January 27, 2012

Biopsy Update and Plan...Kind Of (PART ONE)

So yesterday started out fantabulous (that's a combo of fantastic and fabulous). Dropped my kids off at the neighbor's house with their school lunches and bags, gave them kisses and peaced on out to Nashville. First stop: Dr Thomas' office at St Thomas Hospital. He is the endocrine surgeon who ordered the biopsy of my thyroid. Results were in : BENIGN!!! Woo-hoo! So then came the question of what do we do? The mass on the left thyroid lobe is the same size as the thyroid...BIG! And over the past 3-4 months it has begun causing difficulty swallowing at times and a sharp pain in my left ear. Also, since finding it at the end of 2009, it has grown quite a bit. And growing masses are not good. We have 2 options. First...leave it alone and re-evaluate every 6 months via ultrasound. The second option... take out the left thyroid mass and thyroid lobe and be done. Totally done with it and never worry about it again. Yes, that would mean being on a thyroid medication, but, I am already on one anyways...we would just have to adjust the dose.
So, the doc went over the risks which are the same as with any surgery...bleeding, infection, death (they always have to throw that one in there), and vocal cord paralysis on the left side which would leave my voice as a whisper. David thinks that is AWESOME and considers it more of a benefit than a risk. Whatever!  The benefits: getting the mass out, no chance of it becoming cancerous, and again, I would be done with it! No more ultrasounds or biopsies. No more ear pain or trouble swallowing.
So, I left it with the surgeon by telling him that we are going to pray through the decision and I will let him know as soon as I know what I want to do.

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