Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Biopsy Schmi-opsy

Again. Here we go again. I have a thyroid mass. I have had it since finishing radiation to my left chest wall and it was found during a routine MRI in December of 2009. After lots of labs and nuclear medicine testing, it was deemed necessary to have a biopsy done...so that is what we did. Everything came back normal - the mass was/is partially solid and partially fluid and it was found to be benign. I have followed up with an Endocrinologist every 6 months since that biopsy to check for growth etc...
So, it finally happened. My little mass (actually it's pretty big) has began growing meaning I needed another biopsy as normal things don't grow generally speaking. So, a month ago I went to a new female surgeon here in Clarksville to have it biopsied. I liked her well enough. She spent tons of time with me and explained everything very well. That's about where it ended though. When she performed the biopsy, she did not get me numb meaning I felt the needle go deep into my neck and into the thyroid multiple times. That was pretty traumatic, but I overlooked it and moved on. Then, a few days later the phone call came. "Kelly, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there are no cancer cells. The bad news is that there are no cells at all. I missed the mass. Come back in for a re-biopsy." I agreed but then cancelled later as I just didn't think I wanted to go back to her. How in the heck could she miss this ginormous knot on my neck? Really, the mass is the same size as the actual thyroid lobe rendering it near impossible to miss.
So, after talking about it with my husband and deciding that I really should have it biopsied, I found an AMAZING surgeon in Nashville who ordered another biopsy. Had it done today and it went extremely smooth. No pain other than the lidocaine going in and just some soreness since then. My neck has swollen on that side like it did back in 2009 after the biopsy, but they told me as long as I could still swallow and breathe without difficulty that it was okay and to just put ice on it. So, that's what I am doing.
I go back next Thursday morning to meet with the surgeon to get the results and discuss options. Briefly, if it is cancer (which I highly doubt), I will have the whole thyroid removed and start treatments. If it is not cancer, then we will discuss the risks vs benefits to having the mass removed. And then after that appointment, I go to have the chemo treatment at Vanderbilt. What an awesome, fun-filled day, huh? Actually, I don't mind it because I get to spend the whole day with my husband and get Panda Express on the way home. HA!

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