Monday, January 9, 2012

Because Lots of People Read Facebook

So, because lots of people have read my husband's Facebook updates about me going to the hospital Saturday night, I guess I have to just tell the story so no rumors will be circulating (i.e. I'm dead).
The short version goes something like this:
I was perfectly fine all day Saturday and then around dinner time I got a sharp, stabbing, burning pain in my left rib cage. It started swelling, and then it became painful to breathe at times. I went to urgent care since it was a weekend night thinking I would just be in for an xray and a quick evaluation. I ended up getting those things along with an order for a STAT CT scan of the chest. Doc was thinking pulmonary embolism...I was thinking he was over-reacting. Anyways, doc called the hospital and told them I was on my way and that I was to have the scan done and wait there until he called me. David and I got to the hospital with orders in hand, gave them to the receptionist who informed us that we HAD to go through the ER (I should have made her verify this, but I was hurting). Anyways, I get back to the ER and they decide to work me up as a heart patient...calling my rib pain, chest pain. I kept trying to tell them the difference in the two, but it wasn't working. Next thing I know I'm hooked up to monitors out the wazoo, they are drawing all sorts of labs to see if I had a heart attack (come on now...really?!?), and are asking me about illicit drug use. I told them I had never done drugs in my life, totally forgetting about my prescription Marinol for the cancer treatments I get (medical marijuana in a pill form). I'm quite sure they were thinking I was totally lying when my drug screen came back positive for cannabis. How embarrassing!!!! Here I am, 34 years old, never done drugs until I get permission, the recommendation, and a prescription from my oncologist to do so, and I get called out on it. Grrr.... Anyways, get lots of other tests done including the CT which came back showing the same thing the last 2 have. A nodule on my lung. They freaked out about it even after I told them that it had always been there and paged the on-call Fellow at Vanderbilt...not sure what they could have done about it at 2:00 AM, but whatever. Anyways, at this point, my oxygen level dropped so they put me on oxygen, my heart rate started going from 80 up to 120 then back down to 70 then back up to 160 etc... That earned me an overnight stay on the cardiac unit.
Fast forward a bit. When the nurse came to take me to my overnight room, she forgot my oxygen so during the ride through the hospital, my oxygen level started dropping again in the high 80s and the girl realized she didn't have her oxygen tank to hook me up to. So, for the next few minutes while she is wheeling me through the halls she is saying, "Mrs Blevins, take deep breaths, take deep breaths, stay awake we are almost there..." Good grief! Anyways, I get to my room still breathing and I see that I have a dang roommate!!!! An elderly lady who was out of her mind!!! She was getting out of bed and setting the bed alarm off (she needed the nurses to help her), cussing, yelling she couldn't breathe, etc... It was a debacle. Anyways, later that afternoon, I was released from the hospital, but not before my nurse and another nurse got into a fight in my room over answering each other's call lights and which one was lazier etc... I'm telling you that it was CRAZY!!! Oh,and just to nail home the point of how horrible it was there, I didn't have anything to eat OR drink from the time I went in on Saturday evening until I got home Sunday evening...NOTHING!
I can't wait until the patient survey comes. It should be awesome!
And finally, I left without a diagnosis...yep, that's right. No rhyme or reason was given for anything! Oh well, I'm great now so that is what matters.

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  1. That's AWFUL! I'm floored by the argument between the two nurses. Talk about professionalism. Have you talked to your oncologist yet about the rib pain? Did they do a MRI of chest or ribs at all? Scary stuff. Don't let it go undiagnosed.