Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally...Something that Works

Aaah, I am sitting here about to watch a movie with my wonderful husband on a Saturday night and am feeling absolutely fantastic other than just a touch of nausea (but it's totally manageable!). Three days ago, I got my third treatment and normally, I would still be in the bed or on the couch at this point. However, we tried a new drug this time to offset the nausea and IT WORKED!!! I was even up and about yesterday evening with the kids and then was out ALL DAY TODAY at soccer games, the mall, etc... I cannot believe how amazing this new drug is and had I known how great it would work, I would have never been hesitant to try it to begin with. Now granted, I did sleep for about 1.5-2 days, but still, I was not hugging the toilet or feeling like I was going to so in my mind, that is a success!

On another note, I am in a discipleship group that I want to share with you about, but that is for another post. This is NOT another Bible study, but an actual discipleship group. And I'm telling you that I have learned sooooo very much and am learning more each week. It's exciting to even think about it and I love going each week.
However, right now, my husband and the movie are calling so I will tell you all about the group next time. Until then...

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