Monday, September 5, 2011

Ordinary Hero Blog: Power Team 3~ Day 5 in Ethiopia

I also just posted "Day 4 in Ethiopia" below this post so make sure you read it as well.
This one however makes me so eternally grateful for God's protection! I have been praying that God would place a hedge of protection around David and the team while they were there so that they would not even hurt their foot on a stone (Psalm 91). Boy did they need it based on the events that occured. Thankfully, I am reading about it now and had no idea about it happening when it did. I would have been a mess, but I would have for sure at that specific time been a mess on my knees going to my Father on behalf of Team 3....
UPDATE*** apparently part of the blog post was taken out for whatever reason. This was the part of when the team was visiting the widow in the Muslim community and right outside of her door began a riot. People in her community thought that the team was there to preach to the lady and they were not going to have it. Luckily, the translater was able to "talk them down" and made them see that the Team was just there to find out what needs she and her family had. And the scary scary part for me...there was only 1 way in and 1 way out of this lady's housing complex...
Read on to get just a glimpse of how wonderful and amazing our God really is!

Ordinary Hero Blog: Power Team 3~ Day 5 in Ethiopia: Today we set out to serve the women who carry the large bundles of wood, eucalyptus sticks and whatever else would beenfit them to take to...


  1. Kelly,

    Oh wow-thanks for posting. I hung on every word, esp. the story of visiting the lady in the Muslim community! Praise God that they were safe. I think sometimes we need to take a look at our constant verbal evangelism and just let Jesus shine through and do the work as the team did.