Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living...for a few hours

Well, NOTHING could have prepared me for what went down Tuesday when I went to my oncology appointment. It started off with me being so anxious that I got dizzy and threw up before I even met with my doctor (there's some real reliance on God, huh - insert eye roll here). I'm not really sure where that much anxiety came from because I knew exactly what was going to go down, but still yet, my mind got the best of me and there you have it.
Anyways, labs were first and after 4 IV pokes, the chemo nurses finally got an IV started and sent word to Dr Mayer that I needed a portacath/mediport  before I came back next time. After that fiasco I saw Dr Mayer and we talked specifics of what went wrong. Basically, the Tykerb trial was to see if it was as good or better than receiving Herceptin alone. They have found that it is not as good as Herceptin in preventing recurrences and disease-free survival so the people who were chosen to receive the Tykerb alone were given the option to receive Herceptin now. Dr Mayer thought it in my best interest to have the Herceptin because I was a stage 3 at initial diagnosis and I am at the peak time for recurrence right now. She did also say that it's not like the Tykerb did nothing during the year that I took it, it's just that it didn't do as much as they had hoped it would. So I signed the consent form to receive the Herceptin and to the infusion rooms I went.
Before getting the Herceptin, I was given Benadryl, Tylenol, and Phenergan (because I was already nauseated) and then the drug started going in and would continue for 90 minutes. It was MISERABLE! I kept clock-watching and trying to walk around a little because the Benadryl gives me restless leg syndrome. I was actually probably stumbling around because all of those meds made me crazy too and I don't really remember too much of that day.
Anyways the following day I vomited every single thing I put in my mouth. My bones hurt, my stomach churned all day, and I was 100% miserable. Thrown for a loop! I never felt this way with chemo except 1 times - not this bad at least. And I only ever threw up 1 time with chemo. I laid in bed that whole day thinking that I would rather lose my hair then feel like this  17 more times. It was horrific. And then the next day came and while I was able to get out of bed amd function somewhat, I was still dizzy, nauseous, and weak. At this point I knew I had better call my oncologist. She set me up to get IV fluids and told me to take Ativan for the nausea (given to chemo patients). Did all of that and the extra fluids helped...along with the shot of Phenergan they gave me for the continued nausea.
So today is port day. I went in this morning and got my new portacath placed. It is under the skin in my right up against the bottom of my collarbone. Right now I am in pain and can't move my neck and the nausea is starting back up. I am just praying that it goes away because I am quite sure that it would hurt to puke with this thing in my neck being so new. However, my kids are begging me to ride to Rite-Aid with them and David to get my pain medicine and are telling me that they will buy me a slushie if I go. Who can turn that down?!? So, I'm off.
I've had some revelations (thank you mom) this week about all of this that is happening and will share them when I am more coherent. As for now though, the facts are all I can muster up to talk about. Love you all and thank you from the depths of my heart for your prayers!!!

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