Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing A Book

So, a while back I contacted a publishing company very well known in the Christian Book world...Thomas Nelson. Their books line the shelves of LifeWay. I just wanted some information on writing a book about my 2 year struggle through breast cancer and all that comes with the diagnosis...including God's provision. After I sent the email though, I never really thought too much about it except when random people would say, "you should write a book." Honestly, I love to write and always have! It's very therapeutic for me and I also like having a written record of specific seasons in my life and how God has always been there for me even when I couldn't feel Him.
Anyways,  a little over a week ago, I submitted just a couple of pages of the book I have been working on to a guy at Thomas Nelson. And...last week I got a call from him encouraging me to keep writing as there is a definite need for non-medical breast cancer books for young women (under 40). And I totally agree with that because almost every breast cancer book on the shelf is written by a doctor, or by a woman with grown children and possibly even grandchildren. There wasn't one book that I could find written by a gal who had babies at home to take care of and all of the responsibilities that come with mother-hood all while having surgeries, lots of chemo, and daily radiation. Just the logistics of it all is enough to drive anyone coo-koo!  I wish there had been a book that I could have picked up and read so that I would not have felt so alone at times and wondering how to do this season of life. Something I could have read to say, "oh, it IS normal when your toddler asks about cancer everyday and dying and heaven..."
So, I am writing my book, and praying about what to do with it as I get further into it. I just know that the Thomas Nelson company told me that if I partnered with them that I could have a book on the shelves by Christmas. Oooh, it's exciting, but I am praying through what to do with my book as I continue writing it. Regardless of what I do with it, I am writing it and at the very least, it will be something that I will have for my family to read for generations to come and they will be able to see God's amazing provision in the big details right down to the tiniest of them.

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  1. Good for you!!! I too am writing a book! I'm going the route of Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, to self publish. I've included the website if you are interested.