Monday, August 29, 2011

He's Off.

Yesterday morning the kids and I took David to the airport to meet up with the rest of the team that is traveling to Ethiopia. It was like the exhale to a deep breath that I had been holding for a few months. I'm still amazed. I stand in awe of the One who provided this opportunity for David and I stand proud of my man for being obedient and having such a willing heart and spirit. He will be missing about 10-12 days of work which includes the ever-so-important inventory and profits/loss paperwork. Normally, we have planned every single trip around the end of the months so he wouldn't have to miss these things, but without hesitation he just taught the general manager how to do it all and left CONFIDENT that all would be fine. That is God's grace!

Anyways, we spent Saturday night packing, repacking, and checking/rechecking the packing list I had made for him. We weighed luggage at least a million times to make sure NOTHING would stop us from getting the supplies on board that plane. We enjoyed spending this special time together. When I was a traveling nurse almost 10 years ago, I learned how to pack a car with all of my belongings so as to be able to travel to wherever I would be working for the next 3 months. I think that came in handy while we were packing as you would not believe how much i got into a small duffel bag and back pack. I'm talking rain boots, 6 days worth of clothes, toiletries,  etc... It was a tight fit, but a fit nonetheless! As I was getting him all packed up, I was slightly envious that I was not going to be going with him this time, and then the Lord clearly showed me that I am David's helpmate and that is huge. While I may not be going with him, I am making sure that he gets off without a hitch. And I could not be more honored to take care of my man like this!

I did hear from him last night. He flew out of Nashville, to Atlanta, then up to Washington DC. All flights were on time (thank you Jesus for commanding Hurricane Irene to back off and move on). The team checked into a hotel in DC last night and had a HUGE protein meal as it's likely this will be the last bit of protein they will get for a while. They are set to leave for Ethiopia this morning and that will be a LOOONG 13 hour non-stop flight. As I type, they are checking bags and getting ready to go through security so pray that all of that goes smoothly again today. They will arrive in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia at 7:45 tomorrow morning. That would be midnight tonight central time.
Pray that they get there safely, that they get through customs without any problems. We've been told that if the customs officers choose to go through the bags and see all of the things we have brought to leave there, that they may make them get a work visa, they make charge an insanely amount of bag tax, and they may even take things out of the bags and keep them. The team plans to go through customs seperately so as not to look like a huge group.

I will keep updating as I get updates so check back often.

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