Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Been Happening Here

Well, to start off with, LOTS has been going on with Team Blevins. So much so that I have been blogging it mostly on the family blog and have neglected this one. Sorry! I will try to catch up on things here though and share a few new things that are going on too.
I guess the most exciting thing health-wise is that I had my 6 month MRI scan last week...this one was to check on the lymph node that was growing behind my sternum. Other than the 5 IV sticks and massive bruising from them (I still have them and one is about the size of a tennis ball), everything went great! I assumed I would not hear from the doctor until the end of the week so when the phone rang I was a little nervous...you know the saying, no news is good news. So for the call to come less than 24 hours after I was scanned was alarming. However, the nurse on the phone said that the MRI showed no growth in that lymph node and it had actually shrunken since the last one. THEREFORE...I need no more breast MRI's unless something comes up that is odd and needs to be checked. YAY!!!! And because some people have questioned whether it is okay to not be checked anymore since I had breast cancer, let me explain the reason. Breast MRI's are mostly done on women who have had reconstruction surgery or only a lumpectomy. I have no breast tissue left, no reconstruction and therefore no reason to scan. If any changes occur, I will be able to feel them in the chest wall when I do a self exam. So, yes, I still have to do those. Also for the next 3 years I will still be seeing my oncologist for a check up and blood work every 4-6 months, so she will be keeping a close eye on me.
As for my other bit of health news...yesterday I did have another type of scan. A bone scan. No worries though. I think my doc was just being precautious. I started running again about 10-11 weeks ago and forgot that my body just doesn't do as well as it did pre-cancer. I got what we thought was shin splints so bad that I could hardly walk, but with the standard RICE treatment they were still not healed. Well, they were better as long as I stayed off of them. And my mistake was doing a 6 miler a week ago because I really thought they were healed enough. So, given that the pain is still there my doctor wanted a scan to see if there is a fracture. I'll get results Friday...oh, and that was another 3 needle sticks because of the tracer they had to inject. My poor veins just will not cooperate so for both scans I ended up with needles to my feet. OUCH!

And I have more to update on but it is time for laundry to be switched over and the kids to be put to bed so I will save it for tomorrow. It's exciting GOD stuff!

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