Thursday, May 26, 2011

Testing Testing 1.2.3

So the symptoms have not stopped or even slowed down at all. As a matter of fact, since I last wrote, my husband has noticed an increase in the hand tremors and insisted I call my oncologist and not wait the 2 weeks. I also, since then, have had a headache so bad that I begged David to take me to Vanderbilt in the middle of the night, but we didn't go because it was the middle of the night and our kids were sound asleep. It took 8 Motrin and 1 Imitrex to finally let up enough to allow me sleep. I have never in my life experienced anything like that. I'm now on medicine in addition to the Prilosec to try to help control the nausea. I guess the one positive of always feeling sick is that I may lose a few pounds.
I've been on all ends of the emotional spectrum. One minute I am fine and standing firm in the Truth and God's promises, and the next minute I am a basketcase from not knowing what, if anything, is going on in my body. My poor husband has really had to deal with my moods on top of his own fears as to what may be going on with me.
I told my mom though that one thing is for sure. If the scans do indicate a spread of cancer, it will be GAME ON! I will fight the beast just as I did before and I will not give up.
So...come Tuesday morning, I will be having a brain MRI, and a chest/abdomen/pelvis CT. Hopefully I will know results by Wednesday afternoon. I will be sure to update. Until then, I am going to take the kids to Huntsville tomorrow to visit my brother who is in the Army and is down there on official business. He has the day off so we are going to go spend the night and spend time with him. I can't wait.

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  1. We are standing with you in all this (good days, bad days, up days, down days) Love, Heidi