Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Than You Can Imagine

God has been working overtime! Not that He isn't always at work and in every single detail of my life, but seriously, I have seen Him and heard Him more in the past 2 weeks than I have in a long time. Without getting into too much detail here is the story.
There is one person that I have been praying for over the past 14 months. Now, if you have ever prayed for 1 particular person or thing for that long, you know how discouraging it can be to continually pray, beg, expect and then have NOTHING happen. I said on numerous occasions that I was going to just stop praying about this particular situation/person. Of course that didn't last long because I knew without a doubt that what I was praying for was God's will. I was praying specific Scripture for this person so I knew that God wasn't just saying "no." It was just that I was going to have to wait. And what happened while I was waiting? Things got worse before they got better. Things got much worse! At this point, I was really done praying. I was hurt, angry, embarrassed, etc... and I certainly was not going to keep asking God to intervene in this person's life. Again, that lasted about a week and then I was back on it.
Well, 2 weeks ago, the Lord starting answering. At first, it was just in subtle changes.  Little things. Then, I started to see more and more of God's work in this person. And now, today, let's just say that I am more than amazed at how God is answering this prayer of mine.
It's actually crazy how this has happened. You see, a week or so ago I had a dream and all that I remember from it was that I was being video-taped reading Ephesians 3:20. You better believe that as soon as my feet hit the floor the next morning, I was grabbing my Bible to see what Word the Lord gave me as I slept. Get says "Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Little did I know when I got this Scripture that the amazing changes I am currently seeing would be happening. I think I am used to just praying and asking for the bare minimum...just an answer. I need to get used to praying for God to answer all things in the most unimaginable and amazing way ever...because HE IS ABLE!

So, to all of my blogger friends out there, pray, ask, and just know that God can blow you away with His answers in ways that even you cannot imagine. Isn't that so exciting?!?

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