Monday, March 14, 2011


Life has been so busy lately. We went to Texas for a week and since getting back several weeks ago, time has flown by and I feel like I am finally getting a chance to breathe again. I have nothing too exciting to blog about, but I will share some highlights. And then I plan on getting a plan together and finding time to blog again more regularly.

1. I have started taking piano lessons! I go every Tuesday and I absolutely love it. I took for 8 years as a child/teenager, but then quit because of getting busy with high-school. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to pick it back up again so I purchased a really awesome keyboard and have been playing ever since.
2. I made it through a difficult few Sundays. March 6th was the 1 year anniversary of my chemo buddy Kate's death. And March 13th was the memorial anniversary. Both of those days were melancholy days, but honestly as much as it hurts and as I much as I miss her, I wouldn't wish her back for anything because she is with Jesus now. Her husband is still having a hard time and I won't get into details, but if you are reading this, I would just ask for prayers for him. His name is Tim.
3. Soccer season has started for 4 year old. David is coaching her team which consists of 9 girls ages 4-5. So far so good. We have our first game this Saturday. Hopefully the Little Ponies will have fun and maybe even score a few goals!
4. Chloe's dance studio has performances planned for Rivers and Spires festival and Chloe's class of 3-4 year olds are scheduled to perform their tap dance routine at the festival on stage. Chloe has a decision to make...either miss the dance performance, or miss 2 soccer games for a mandatory dance practice and then the performance. She can't decide right now, keeps wavering, so I am thinking this is a pretty tough decision for a 4 year old girl. Wish that was my hardest decision!
5. My friend Kelly just adopted a beautiful little 2 year old girl from Ethiopia and they are settling in quite nicely to Tennessee. You need to check out her blog if you haven't yet or want to read an amazing God story (you can get to it by clicking on my Family Blog link and then scroll down to my blog list...she is Bullock Family). I'm not sure she has put every detail on there yet, but let's just say that she and her hubby obeyed God even when NOTHING made sense and He worked out every detail down to the final funds coming in the week before they went to pick up their daughter. EVERYTHING worked out perfectly...although sometimes there were super stressful moments that they had no choice but to trust God with.
6. And finally I have been quite immersed in Beth Moore's study "Breaking Free." WOW!!! I never knew how many strongholds I had until this study and how debilitating they can really be. Rest assured dear friends that I am breaking free from them and am working hard at it. I will be sure to blog some of the highlights from my experience with Beth and Jesus later on.

I have missed being on here and hope to be back regularly very very soon. Hugs to each and every one of you.

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