Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goal of 1000

Gratitude. I am committed to living a life of gratitude. I am committed to finding the joy in everything in life. The gifts that God gives. The gifts that surround me each day but I am too busy to recognize. The ones that at first may even seem like a bother or an irritation. And the ones that are even super obvious. The ones that are spiritual, physical, materialistic...ALL OF THEM.
What has prompted this new way of living? A book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is about joy, grace, thanksgiving, and the gifts that God gives. Not just the obvious gifts, but the ones that we often overlook. For example, for me, one thing that I am super thankful for is highlighters. Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE highlighters. Now, have I ever stopped to just be thankful for my highlighter? No. Not one time. Never! However, I am so very thankful for them. Thankful because they allow me to make obvious the things that really stand out to me in my Bible and books that I read. They also allow me to see what prayer requests I have each month that are answered (I highlight at the end of every month the prayers that were answered and carry the others over to the next month).
Now, I am quite convinced that every single person can find things to be thankful for every single day. It's a choice. It's not a matter of circumstance, but choosing to be thankful. So, today I start my list of 1000 things I am thankful for. Will you join me? It will make a difference in your life! If you don't think so or you need further encouraging, please go get the book I mention above! The author is from Nashville and she has an amazing story to tell and tells it in such a unique way. This is definitely not like reading "just another book." It will change your life.

My first 5:
bottled water
my Kindle
tote bags


  1. enjoyed reading your blog....

    another Christian cancer survivor

  2. Thanks for such an important reminder and for sharing the book!