Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the Sword of the Spirit

It is what I refer to as the "witching hour" at my house right now. It's that time between when I pick the kids up from parents' day out until dinner time. The time when the kids come home from school and are wound up tight and extra energetic. The time when I usually am NOT blogging, or even thinking about the computer. However, today is different. Today I have felt compelled to be in the Word more than I usually am. I have really longed to be with Jesus today. I don't really know why...it has been a normal day. I got up at 5 and did some Bible study and had some prayer time as I do most every morning, but I was disappointed when it was time for me to get it in gear and get the kids ready for school. I wanted to spend more time with my Savior.
I did get it together though and get the kids to school. Went to 2 appointments, Target, and then home again where I listened to a sermon by Craig Groeschel. By the time that was over, I had to go get the kids, run a few more errands and then come back home. And now, after getting them settled with snacks and Scooby Doo on the TV, I sit here blogging. However, before I got on here, I turned on my worship music and looked up Scripture about fear, worry, anxiety, and what God has to say about them. I know I wrote in a previous post that I am doing scripture memorization this year, but today, I sat and wrote out about 8 verses to use when Satan tries to play games with my mind. When he tries to tell me the cancer is back or that every little ache, pain, or other symptom is a metastasis. What I have done is arm myself with the sword of the spirit. It is one of the 2 things (the other being prayer) in the whole armor of God that is for attacking the enemy. Obviously, it is POWERFUL. In Hebrews it refers to the Word of God as living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword. Even Jesus himself used scripture when he was tempted by the devil (It is written...).
So, after writing my Scriptures down in a small notebook that I can carry with me everywhere, I am prepared. I am ready to memorize, read, re-read, and speak aloud those passages when I am overcome by fear or worry and put the devil to rest. I'm not letting him take my thoughts...but instead, I will take every thought captive and use my Sword!

By the way, if any of you are interested in studying up on the armor of God and spiritual warfare, a really good book is called Spiritual Warfare and is by Joseph Prince. It's a  short book, an easy read, but full of explanation about each part of the armor of God.

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