Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update # 3.475 million...because ya'll have been left hanging.

Im going to start off with how things were when I left this hospital on Monday, the 6th. I was excited to be leaving, but knew that none of the realizations would hit until I got home and real life hit. So to put me in a better mood and avoid getting home 20 minutes earlier, David stopped by Target but only agreed to do so if I took the "Jazzy" for a spin (upscale mart-cart). I figured why not, I have my bedroom slippers on too so I might as well. I went joy riding all over that place for about 15 minutes then I was exhausted. I hit a few displays and employees,, but they accepted my first time driver apology and life went on.
As I imagined, both kids were just so excited to see me and David. They couldn't believe I was there to stay. we snuggled in together and just layed there as a family. It was glorious. I missed my family so much up on the oncology ward that there were times I would sit and cry for them when I was alone.

Then Tuesday happened and it was a horrible day. I could barely move off the couch or bed and I was sore. Luckily the kids had school that day so there was a 5 hour window of peace/sleep/rest body could have and I used my time very wisely.

Wednesday came and came with a vengenance. I couldn't speak, swallow, eat, drink, etc... I knew it wouldn't be strep with all of the IV antibiotics I had been on. Got in to see my PCP and explained it all to him. It's thrush...a fungal infection caused by all of the wonderful IV antibiotics I was taking. So, I am now on Cipro still trying to kill bacteria and Diflucan orally to try and kill fungus. My body is working itself to death as my last set of labs that have come in show it,
White Cells: In Hospital :7.23           Now: 14.1
Neutrophils: don't remember            Now: 84% (normal is less tha 60)
Hemoglobin 9.2                               Now 10
Hematocrit   29                                Now 32.7

Still very weak and walking to my mailbox makes me short of breath and extremely exhausted. I go see my plastics guy tomorrow to remove stitches and a drain  I hope. I will talk to him about these labs and I have also emailed my oncologist for her opinion as well. My white count should be way low considering all the drugs I've fought my infection off with.
I have to thank every single one of you who changed your schedules and found sitters come visit me in the hospital. It brightened  my day by seeing all of you and enlarged my heart just that much more. THANK YOU!

Maybe there will be more to update about these crazy labs tomorrow or as I find out. Sometimes knowing too much (like little ms nurse right here) can have us dead and in a coffin in a pretty outfit before the doctor has even said hello.

Ways you can pray and ways I have been praying:
1. I am wondering why in the world God would allow suffering since July 12 when all of this process started knowing the end result.
2. I am wondering why in the world he would allow my latissitmus flap surgery in October to go off easily knowing what the big picture would be.
3. I am wondering why I made it to my very last fill up and was done with  everything until the exchange surgery in January and then this happens and everything has to come out.
4. I am wondering if I didn't hear God, pay attention to His true desires, and maybe I should not have done a thing for reconstruction to begin with.
So, pray for my personal restoration with who I am, who God says I am, that I will very soon feel like being on the floor with my babies playing pretend, and that I will be making David meals with a loving and full heart. I want more of a quality of life than I could ever have imagined
THanks Blogger Friends


  1. I am going to comment on my own blog :)
    Those questions at the end...I was just gently reminded this early morning that the whys in life don't really matter when we know the WHO who is in charge and that ALL things work together for those who love him according to his purpose.

  2. Kelly, thank you for sharing your prayer concerns and requests. No answers. I have none. But I do know that the past is the past, we can only trust God to guide us today. I am grateful that your infections was identified in a timely manner and treated successfully. God will continue to guide you - even if it does not seem a straight line. He and I love you very much. Heidi

  3. You are an inspiration to me. God Bless

    Lauran, nurse