Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Turn For the Worse..Or the Better - just depends

I am so glad that I have a passion for writing so that I can update everyone at the same time on everything that is going on with the Blevins family and our struggles through breast cancer. I cannot imagine having to send out 18 million texts, then emails etc...I would go crazy and that, we all know, is NOT where I need to be right now. No, the Morphine pump they have me on is doing it's job in that department.

So, back to the point. Sunday morning, I woke up feeling crappy. Didn't want to shower, didn't want to go to church, didn't want to do anything...except lay back down on the couch under 4 blankets. I was freezing. However, I decided that I would go on to church and partake of the communion which is a very holy sacrament to me and my family. After church, we came home, David took over and I crawled right back into my jammers, under my 4 blankets and called my surgeon. He asked about a fever to which I replied "no" but had not taken yet and then said he wanted to see me Monday morning in his office which is in St Thomas Hospital. After we hung up, I grabbed the thermometer and wouldn't you know...100.8. And that's not good in a still immunocompromised patient. The chemo I finished last year, will continue to affect my blood counts for about 3-5 years

Anyways, I went to on to Dr Oslin's Monday morning with my friend Lynne in tow. She thought of everything...including packing  back in case I had to stay, and arranging overnight care for the the babies in case... David HAD to go to his last visit to his UT Martin store so it was all okay really. Everything was working out. Got to see the doctor and he pretty much immediately knew he was going to admit me, give me IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and try to figure out where the infection was coming from.

So, since Monday I have been hooked up to IVS, drains, Morphine pumps, etc... The light of my life was today when Chloe and Brody were allowed to come visit in the family play room. We went down there and spent some time talking and explaining what was going to app

So the plan...tomorrow, at 4:00 pm, I will be headed down to the OR for my 8th and final surgery. The tissue expanders have become dangerous as they are infected and the infection is spreading to other parts of my body...such as my shoulder blade.

Thankfully, we just finished the sermon serioes on Job and I really am not questioning "why" because I know WHO!" And I can rest eas


  1. Kelly, u r an amazing woman! And u have an amazing husband and family! I lift you and your family up in prayers. I pray for an everlasting peace and continuous strength for all of you! Through all your pain and life changing experiences, you are still praising him!!! You are a blessing to so many! We love you so much! Get well soon, and come home.

  2. Kelly, thanks for keeping us updated. I know we all keep bugging you..we love you! I hope that your friends and church family will step up yet again this week to help you out. It sounds like some already have.

  3. thanks for the update....been thinking about you! praying for your recovery and continued peace of mind. love your way!!!