Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Grief Charlie Brown

I just read last night's post and can totally tell that I wrote that while I was on the morphine drip. There were only half written words, grammatical errors, etc... that just aren't normally me.

So here is a short version of what has occurred today. My pain pump and IV Fluids had to be stopped because my IV came out this morning. After about an hour of not having the pain medicine, my back started hurting again, it hurt to walk, my chest was hurting and my left arm...everything just like it was Sunday night. So after about 2 hours, I finally got what is called a PICC line in. One thing that excites me is that it is PURPLE! As a nurse I only have ever seen blue ones so I feel really special getting a purple one. The next thing is that they did it right in my room which  made me a bit nervous (ok, a lot nervous) because they are wire guided ports that go through your arm veins all the way through your big veins in your upper body and down into the Superior Vena Cava...right at that heart atria.

My nurse is in here now to restart the pain meds so I am off.  Surgery is still set between 4-6 and David will update Facebook after surgery.

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