Monday, December 6, 2010

Going on One Hour

Morning readers,
It's now going on one hour that I called out for the first time to ask for my pain medicine that was due over an hour ago. I called out again just about 20 minutes ago and if I don't get it soon, I'm going to go walking around the halls until I find my nurse and can personally tell her I'm hurting. If she could simply see the look on my face and the fact that there are tears rolling down it right now, I'm sure she wouldn't hesitate, but that's the problem. She is so busy tonight that she hasn't seen me but twice. I could turn into one of those annoying patients that hit my nurse button every 5 minutes but I really don't even think that would help.

So instead, as I sit here in a lonely bed, on a lonely oncology floor at 3:45 AM waiting for some pain relief, I will fill you all in on what is happening and share a few pictures just for laughs that David and I took 2 nights ago when I was really feeling good.

Yesterday I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I knew something wasn't right as I was back bundled under as many blankets as possible and was just feeling yuck. My doctor came in soon thereafter with a look that said "you aren't going anywhere for a while missy." We discussed somethings and came to the conclusions that my red blood counts are dropping. My Hemoglobin which carries the iron throughout my body was 10.3 when I came in and was now 8.8 (close to transfusion level in oncology world), My Hematocrit which deals with overall blood volume percentage had dropped from 33 to 29. Anything below the 30's isn't that great. And my total RBC's had dropped from almost 4 to nearly 3. NOT GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOLKS. Other than that, the CT scan I had of my chest and arms turned out to show no metastasis or bone infection. My white count had come down some showing improvement in my overall infection status which is great seeing as how I have been on 4 antibiotics for 7 days now...Vancomycin and Cipro being the 2 big dogs. For now though, what I am most concerned about is my red blood counts droping (Connie brought my pain meds so we are good there now). I think I am going to call my oncology nurse in the morning and make her aware of what is going on. I am at St Thomas Hospital which is where my surgeons are yet my oncologist is at Vanderbilt, about 5 minutes away. If they were here or I were there, this would be so much easier to communicate.
I will update when I talk to my onco nurse in a  few hours and when I get my labs back hopefully in the next 2 hours.

Now though, come some funny/ironic/ridiculous pictures that David and I couldn't resist taking. This is our dark side of cancer humor coming out so just realize if you have never had cancer or known anyone who has, you may not understand that if you don't laugh about it then most times you will cry.

Seriously...penthouse?!? Oncology unit people...just one step underneath heaven. We could have at least been put on the 5th floor or something like that.

My door room stating visitors must check with nurse first and that that lab cannot draw my labs because I have a venous access device (sounds important, huh?)

Seriously, this is one of the pictures hanging in the entrance way to the unit. MORBID!

2 cherubs deciding which will be the next one to join them... again, morbid sense of humor

This kept my sweet, uninfected, non-febrile kids off of my unit. I was able to go hang out in the family room with them though and go to the cafeteria. Fun times there! The best part was being wheeled around with Chloe on one knee and Brody on the other and watching them run around in an empty lobby. We seriously thought they were going to knock Mary Mother of Jesus statue down and then I knew I better not be going back up to the penthouse or I would not be coming back down (just kiddin)

This is my PICC line. It's a central venous access device that they give you when they can't get you with an IV. Mine was 37cm long and was threaded from my arm into my SVC 
(just above my heart atria) I just like it cause it's purple and I have never seen any PICC that wasn't blue.

This button kept me from hurting most days. It's the morphine pump button.
My friends came up one night and all signed my board. Since it's right in front of my bed, it's cheered me up a lot to look at it

And of course right above every board in every room there is a Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Someone asked me if I actually brought that from home and hung it up...uh, no. Not that I don't love Jesus and am eternally grateful for what he gave up for me, but not a choice of art for me.

And of course what is a hospital room without a bedside commode?!? Every man's dream I not have to miss anything on TV while they do their business. HA!