Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Week

Since there is so much going on this week, I get to tell you about it in list favorite. It's 7 AM and I am awake with my sweet Chloe who is doing her ballet routine to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" over and over again and I couldn't think of a better was to start my Sunday morning than blogging while I watch her being ADORABLE.

1. Today, I am choosing to stay home from church and out of the cold. Since my blood counts are still wacky I don't want to be around anyone who is sick.

2. Monday, I have repeat bloodwork done which will determine quite a bit I think. I also have Physical Therapy that afternoon. Luckily our main babysitter is home from college and is here for me all week. I love her, my kids love her...she rocks.

3. Tuesday, I get to go vent all of my feelings out to my counselor who I decided to start seeing a few months ago when I couldn't stop grieving Kate and it started affecting our family. I haven't seen her in a while so I am glad to go. I will also get my lab results this day.

4. Wednesday, I go back to my plastic surgeon whom I adore and will discuss labs, and hopefully get my drain out. May talk about future possibilities but may not. It will depend on how I feel. David told me last night that Dr Oslin told him that he was so glad that I agreed to let him take the expanders out instead of just chancing that the infection wouldn't be there. He then said that he could tell the pain I suffered and a cracked rib from all the pressure of them was affecting my quality of life big time...especially with children as young as ours. That made me feel better and smile. He really cares about me and my family in ways most doctors don't.

5. Thursday, I will see my oncologist to go over my labwork with her and figure out what is going on with my body. Is something going on? Is it just taking me an extra long time to heal? Are the tripled white blood cells due to stress or multiplying cancer cells, or just another infection of some sort. I'm not focusing on this though as this same day my sweet Chloe and I have our annual girls trip to the Opryland Hotel to spend the night and see the Rockettes and walk miles all over the hotel. We are also going to ICE which will be lots of fun. I had thought about cancelling because of how bad I feel, but I am hoping to be feeling lots better by then. And if I don't, we are still going because she is so worth it!

6. Friday - NOTHING!

7. Weekend - family time and nothing else. It's time to start getting quality family time back and enjoying life again. We may go down to the riverwalk and take in the lights, we may have game night with our kids, we may just lay on the couch and do nothing. I don't know...all I know is that I will be doing the weekend with my family.

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