Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yet Another Update

This one will be short and to the point...incisions are healing perfectly. Drain is STILL in. I am 3 weeks post-op and am shocked that the drain is still draining over 100mls/day. This is craziness. However, Darcy (yes, I've named her as she has been stuck in my side for 22 days now) and I are doing just fine. I don't have pain or irritation from her anymore. I'm able to be a pretzel with my arms and change my own drain dressing now, and I have learned how to take a tub bath, wash my armpit and not get the drain wet. Trust me when I say that that in and of itself is quite a feat.
My mood has been elevated to the top of this world. I am enjoying my precious time with my children and husband. Chloe and Brody crack me up every single day and I have been able to tell Satan to take a hike more than once and be victorious over him. WOO-HOO! Speaking of my sweet babes, Brody asked me this question yesterday in the most serious voice ever while pointing to my drain..."mommy, is dat ur iPod?" OMgoodness! I about fell off the couch laughing at him. I've had Darcy for 22 days and it's like he has just now noticed it...and he thought it was an iPod. HA!!!! Chloe quickly corrected him and told him that it was in fact called a drain to which he replied "oh, a dwain." So stinking cute. If you are not laughing by this point, I guess you just had to be here.
Other than that, the plan is as follows...
1. I will go back next Wednesday, the 17th to hopefully say goodbye to Darcy and get my final expansion. Trust me when I tell you that I feel like I have Mt Ranier sitting on my chest. I've not had a left boob in 2 years so for me to look down and see a freaking mountain made from a mole-hill (hahaha) it's slightly funny, shocking, exciting, weird, etc... All I can say is Dolly is not the only girl in Tennessee now with a good set of girls.
2. Then, I wait. I will wait and live in the tissue expanders until the end of January when I will then have the exchange surgery which is the FINAL step! They will remove the expanders, have enough stretched skin and muscle to place the implants in, and off I go with a set of forever perky girls...all paid for by insurance! While I am sure David would like me to keep the mountains I have for now, I will NOT be doing that. I just don't think I can handle all of that in my face all the time.
3. Two weeks after that surgery, I will have my 6 month MRI to check for recurrence of the cancer which I am confident will come back just fine.
3. And finally, the week after my MRI, David and I head off to our annual Chick-fil-A seminar for a 3 day seminar and an extra 4 days of luxury time alone in San Antonio, TX. This is very symbolic as I will be celebrating my 2 year cancer free mark at seminar again this year. I love that I am surrounded by my Chick-fil-A family when this anniversary comes around each year.

Oh, and in the midst of all that, I will be flying out to Seattle to visit my brother, SIL, and my new baby niece Adalynn. I'm going by myself so I can be selfish with my time with them. I cannot wait to get that sweet baby girl in my arms and see her mommy and daddy. I missed Brody's infancy period due to the cancer treatments, and Adalynn will be the age he was when I was diagnosed so I can foresee lots of cuddling, rocking, snuggling, and loving on her while I am there.

Well, maybe this wasn't as short as I had intended it to be, but now you have my whole itenerary from next week through the end of February :)
Thanks for all of your prayers for me since my last few blog posts. Love to each of you!!!


  1. Whoo HOO!! We are excited for all that. and I DID fall out of my chair laughing at Brody. IPOD!! Cant wait to see you (if you can take time out from cuddling... or bring her/them along!

  2. i am so glad you are able to wash those stinky pits now! ;) hehe, glad things are looking up! love ya!