Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surgery Update

Yesterday was eventful. I had my latissimus flap reconstruction which went amazingly well. I woke up not knowing what I would look like but as soon as I looked down, I realized that God had answered my prayers and the reconstrucion worked!!! I was in tears almost. So after I was good and awake, I was able to come home.
However, that's when the drama really started. I was unable to pee (TMI, sorry) so I had to go to the urgent care center here and get a catheter. After that was done, we came back home and I emptied my drain. Then I emptied it 5 minutes later, then again 3 minutes later, and again about 3 minutes later. The drain was filling up that fast. So, we paged my plastic surgeon who advised us to come back to the ER immediately. I was losing so much blood that I was getting sick on my stomach, I fainted at least once and was very close to it multiple times. I couldn't walk down our stairs to get to the front door but instead had to sit down and go down them one at a time. I was so sick.
So, we got back to the hospital and my doctor was waiting on me. My blood pressure was only 90/54 at this point, so after Dr. Oslin assessed me and realized that I had an inernal bleed in my back, I was back in the operating room to find out where the bleeding was coming from and have it cauterized. Apparently, when he got in there he found several blood clots so he removed them figuring that the source of the bleed was a small artery underneath the clots. However, there was no bleed at that point. He said he even agitated the tissues trying to get it to bleed, and it wouldn't. So...I am choosing to believe that God answered the prayers of everyone that knew what was going on and He is the one who stopped it.
We stayed in the hospital till about noon and then were able to come back home. I am still draining a bit much, but nothing compared to yesterday. I think my total for yesterday was 700ml (almost a full liter) in a 7 hour time period. Today, it's been about 250 all day long. My blood counts are low, which explains the dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat etc..., but they should start coming up now that there is no active bleeding going on.
I'm doing okay. The pain meds are working well for my pain, and I am resting quite well. David is being a true gem and getting me everything I need before I can even ask him. He really loves me and loves taking care of me when I am sick.
Thanks for all of your prayers. It means the world to me and David and we are both confident that our Lord heard them all and honored each one of them. Love and hugs...(sorry if this is a bit random sounding, it's the drugs I'm sure).


  1. My prayers are with you and your family. God is awesome and I am so glad your surgey went well. Sorry to hear about the bleeding but sounds like God took care of that too. You are an amazing young woman. I pray you recover quickly. With Love, Lori

  2. We are continuing to pray for you and your family. We know God is in control (and we are not :). SO glad things are going well.

  3. Oh Kelly so thankful that you are on the other side of the surgery & that it was a success...you are such a trooper through all of this & your faith & witness are amazing examples for everyone! Continuing to pray for God's comfort...His protection...and that His Truths continue to be the stength that you cling to as you praise Him through this storm. Love you my hero in the faith!!! Cheryl 2 Cor 1:3-7