Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movin' On Up...

To the mountains that is. And only for 4 days. BUT...these 4 precious days in Gatlinburg are worth silver, gold, platinum, frankincence, myrhh, and whatever else you could imagine (except copper as my level is still toxic on that one -HA!)
I am headed to the Ladies of Legacy (you can google it) women's only retreat with my friend Kelly and probably 30 other women that I do NOT know, but will come to know soon. This group was started, I think, with just 4 women several years ago as a long weekend to just get away, relax, study God's Word, eat, shop, form new friendships etc... Through the years it has grown and now I am going as a "freshman" and am thrilled (why else would I be up at 4:30 writing a blog?) We stay in a huge chalet and have a roommate which is someone that you DO know. I can just picture it now...
My plan...? TO BE INTENTIONAL with God for 4 solid days. No excuses made! No, "mommy, mommy, mommy, he did this, she said this, get me...." The only distraction I am counting on is being so in love with the beauty of the mountains around me that the Creator made for me. I am taking my Bible, journal, iPod for sermons and worship music, and an open heart and spirit so that I can take in whatever God has in store for this tired and weary soul.
Please pray that I do not get distracted by the shopping trips that are going to be going on (which is also totally fine - just not my purpose this time) as I do LOVE to shop. Also, pray for my family as I am away. I know that David is going to be just fine with the kids, but I have NEVER left him, by himself, with them for more than 1 night. Chloe has been crying that she is scared I will fall off the mountain, that she should go too since it's a girls' trip, that I should stay home in case daddy goes to work, that I might get scared of the bears, etc... You name it, this child has thought of it.
And my specific prayer requests, if you want to know what I will specifically be praying for so you can too if you feel led:
1. That I am making the right decision in moving forward with a latissimus flap in regards to my reconstruction.
2.  That I will finally be able to rest in the confidence that He has healed me forever as He has shown me.
3. That I can make the final touches to a speech that I am giving to 2 different groups when I return. I will be telling my story through breast cancer and I want to make sure I give God full glory, without missing a beat, keep it somewhat light-hearted and funny, and at the end have everyone trusting in God and seeing His ways are always PERFECT.
4. that I can be a more intentional mom. Lately at night, the kids and I have been setting aside 30 minutes before bedtime to do puzzles, color, play dinosaurs, or whatever they want to do together. It has been such a fun way to end the day, but I want to work more of that into my days while still being able to run a household and rest when my body tells me I need to rest. Usually we get out of the house every day for some fun activity for them while I have a chance to catch up with other mommy friends, but I feel like I need to and want to have more 1 on 1's with them throughout the day.

Thanks friends...I will update as soon as I return as there will be no computer with me this weekend (another distraction of mine). I am taking my phone though because I really think my SIL is going to have her baby today or tomorrow so I MUST know when I become an aunt again!!!!

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