Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Short Post

I have had a really rough and emotional day today so I'm getting right to the point. I am overwhelmed. I need prayer. Here's what's up.

1. On Wednesdays - every week - I drive to Nashville to get my tissue expanders injected. I need someone to drive me and the kids down or someone to stay at my house with my kids and I can just go by myself.
2. On Thursdays I am heavily medicated due to the pain the expanders cause on my radiated side so I need someone to pick up my kids from school at 2:00 and bring them home to me where I will just skip my pain meds until David can get home from work
3. I need a sitter from 9-4 on Fridays because again, I am heavily medicated on this day and I have physical therapy to get to so my sitter would need to be able to take me to and from there.
4. And...I also need a sitter on Tuesdays until school starts after labor day for my 2 kids while I am in physical therapy.

It's almost too much for me to even think about or worry about because I KNOW the Lord will provide, but I am easily overwhelmed when I think about all of the help that I am going to need.

Please pray with me through these things that people will just come through and be able to bless our family during these next few months. I think I am going to send an email out to my church asking if they know of anyone who can help us out, and also send one to our community group. I'm getting kind of desperate as my MIL will be leaving in the next few days and then it's just me and David left to figure this whole thing out on our own.


  1. if you can give me more details on times i may be able to help out. i'm sorry you are emotioanlly stressed right now! praying for you now!! ((HUGS))

  2. Oh Kelly- I'm going to be praying that it all works out. From living in a town with zero family around I now somewhat can understand how overwhelming it is to need help and not know who you can count on. I'm really hoping that the church family can come through on this one and bless you.