Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing "Our New Child"

So I would like to introduce you to "our new child" Her name in Mitha Lerison. She is an 8 year old precious little girl from Haiti who we have decided to sponsor through Food for the Hungry. She just had a birthday in June and I so wish I had had her before her birthday. Although we are not allowed to send gifts, I would have at least sent her some stickers or something in her letter. Anyways, this little girl has her own chore at home. She washes dishes. THAT is what she does! She DOES NOT go to school even though it only costs 6 US Dollars to go each year. Her family just simply CANNOT afford it. She was affected during the earthquake. A very fast 30 second earthquake ruined too many people's lives. Think about it. Think about how fast 30 seconds goes by. In 30 seconds, I went from being healthy to getting a call telling me I had cancer. In 30 seconds, my little girl can go from happy, to frustrated, to amazingly happy again. In 30 seconds a tornado can come through and destroy a city like it did here several years ago. In 30 seconds your life can change DRASTICALLY! And literally for $32 dollars each month, we have the blessing to be able to sponsor Mitha and hopefully change her life drastically in a positive manner. Do you know what $32/month means for MOST families??? It means NOT going out to eat once/month. It means starting to use coupons when you do your grocery shopping. It means saving $8/week.
I cannot tell you how my heart has been burdened for this little girl. I just keep thinking about her, her family, her friends, her life, and the fact that the Lord commands us to take care of the orphans, poor, and widows. I literally look around at all that we have and it saddens me. It makes me feel so selfish to see that we want for stupid things like iPhones, new cars, private/home schooling for our children, new toys, big birthday parties for the kids, etc... What I would love to do is bring Mitha here and just spoil her rotten with love, attention, school, church, and anything she wants. I really have a peace that her parents are doing the best they can with what they have and I am not saying they don't love her or give her attention. I guess I just want to show her that I do care about her, and she has a very special place in my family. Chloe told me the other day, "mommy, I have 2 Cinderella dresses. I know!!, I'll send one to Mitha." Can I tell you how huge my heart swelled and how I almost cried that she is learning to think about others and care for the less fortunate. While we cannot send gifts like that, we did buy a whole book of princess stickers and car stickers for her to share with her brothers that we plan to send in her next letter.
BUT, the most exciting news that comes out of all of this...WE ARE GOING TO HAITI IN FEBRUARY AND WILL GET TO MEET OUR SWEET MITHA!!!! We are going with a group from Food for the Hungry to help with whatever they need help with...orphanages, cleaning, rebuilding, etc...anything! We got connected with this organization through our worship pastor at church who is the the lead singer for Building 429. They work with Food for the Hungry and get children sponsored at each of their concerts. I really really love the way they do it too. As of now, there are NO pictures of the children in the packet. You choose the gender you want and then you will get your child, their picture, and some things about them and their city and family in the mail about 2 weeks later. I love this because it's like when you put pictures out, all of the cute little kids get chosen...the older ones like Mitha are lots of times overlooked. I'll be honest, I wouldn't have chosen her had I seen a sweet little 2 or 3 year old boy or girl. But I think she was meant to be connected with our family and God made that happen.
Please check out their website and pray about sponsoring a child of your own. It will not only change their lives, it will change yours...I PROMISE! And while you are at it, check out Building 429 website. They are absolutely fabulous and we are super blessed to be in Jason and his wife's community group at church. You can actually sponser a child by just going to their website. Here it is too.


  1. Dear Kelly,

    I work in the Child Sponsorship department at Food for the Hungry (I probably assembled the packet you received with Mitha's photo in it) and have stumbled upon your blog. THANK YOU so much for all you do...for your generosity and for telling your community about this new relationship with this little girl!

    "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute." Prov. 31:8

    Take care,
    Mary Kaech

    (If you want, you can check out our sponsorship blog:

  2. i love that chloe wanted to send a cinderalla dress. :)