Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Felt Like Journaling

So today has been a very mediocre day after a pretty darn good one yesterday. I decided to try to sleep in my bed again last night as the last 2 weeks have been spent sleeping in our big comfy cozy chair. And that, my friends, was my downfall. Could NOT move this morning AT ALL! David had to help me out of bed. Took about 4-5 hours to get the pain under control, but it is now and for that I am grateful...like eternally grateful!
Tomorrow is my big day at the plastic surgeon's office. I am getting my first "pump up." Admittedly I am a little nervous as they will be sticking a needle in my chest, through the chest muscle and putting some saline in the expander. And they are doing this twice (each side)!!! Eeeek, I'll report back soon after its done to report on how this goes.

Next, I want to talk about a song we sang at church Sunday which had me raising my good arm and just reaching as high as I could to my Jesus in honor and praise to him. The lyrics that I am specifically speaking of are:
Let me sing
Louder than creation to you
For the pain you bore your body
To bring my soul to you

WOW! Those lyrics get me everytime. I had tears streaming as I sang to my Lord. He KNOWS my pain, He CARES about my pain, and He SUFFERED my pain to bring my soul to Him. How incredibly humbling is that!!!

Let's see...oh, I am doing an entirely seperate blog on our "new child" because she deserves her own special blog. You will see what I mean soon. Talk about stealing my heart...she has totally stolen my heart and I already love her. Lord willing, we will get to meet her in February. God is so incredibly good!

And in the next day or so I have another blog I will be posting on a sermon I listened to today. If you don't know Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, you should totally look up his church and start listening to his sermons online or on your iPod today. Not tomorrow...TODAY! He had one of the best ones today titled "In Christ Alone...You Don't Suck Anymore." Here's the link because I don't want anyone to have an excuse. http://www.elevationchurch.org/. So for the ones of you who won't listen to it, or don't have the time, I'll give the run-down of it soon as I took 3 pages of notes because it was speaking truth right into my life.
Love and hugs to each of you...although hugs hurt right now so fist bumps (as my almost 2 year old says) will have to do.


  1. Looking forward to your new blog and I'll look up elevation church. I've really, really been enjoying sermons from this past year at Cornerstone and also Village Church.

    A couple of my 'faves':
    "Unleashing Beauty"-Cornerstone
    "Today, If You Hear His Voice"-Village Church

  2. Think of you daily and wonder how you are doing? Just prayed for you now as I stopped by. Praying you are being healed and lifted by the hands of Jesus.

    Love in Christ,