Saturday, May 22, 2010

Persistence - Part 1

I just have to share with all of you how amazingly clear God spoke to me this week. I am so in awe of how He works and so incredibly humbled that I get to have a father/daughter relationship with Him. I am growing more in love with Him every day and desperately hope that each of you are doing the same. If not, you really have no idea what you are missing.
So, I guess I will move on with my cool God story now. There is something that I have been specifically praying for over the past year that STILL has not been answered. Now, before you think that maybe the prayer has been answered as a "no", I know without a doubt that my prayer totally aligns with what God himself wants so I KNOW that I am praying God's will. It's just that the timing is not right...yet. And that's where part of my problem lies. But I think that maybe the biggest issue is that I have not been persistent in my prayers. I have become frustrated, irritated, mad, and have even given up hope and as a result I would just stop asking God to answer. Then, I would become encouraged and/or desperate again and would pick back up the prayers. It truly has been that type of cycle for over a year, and can I just say how exhausting that has been?!?
Anyways, this week, I received a phone call from a dear friend whom I hadn't spoken to in a long time. When the phone first rang, I really didn't want to answer it. I had just put the kids down and wanted to just lay down myself and do nothing, say nothing, hear nothing, etc... But, when I looked at caller ID and saw who it was, I knew I had to answer. As the conversation went on, I started sharing with her what I had been praying about and she really encouraged me to keep praying and then advised me to continue drawing nearer and nearer to Him during this time of waiting. It was really a beautiful conversation and a much needed one. You see, she wasn't just giving advice about something she knew nothing about. She too had prayed about the same thing for a long time and it was FINALLY answered about a year ago or so.
So the next morning for my quiet time I had no idea what I was going to do. As a general rule, I line up my stuff the night before so that when the alarm goes off, I KNOW what I am going to be studying and can get right to it. However, I had not done that so to make it easy on myself, I grabbed my iPod to listen to a sermon. I randomly chose Francis Chan and the sermon titled "A Desperate Faith." Now based on the title, I assumed it would be about someone from the Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith, but it SOOOO was not. Get was about being persistent in prayer and he spoke of the persistent widow from the book of Luke. Ummm...WOW!!! That sermon was SOOOO for me. God spoke directly to me through the "random sermon" and my friend 2 days in a row.
So, the challenge now will be to NOT focus on how long I have been asking, or my emotions that come with the waiting, but instead to focus on being persistent with my prayer and KNOW that God is going to answer it.

And, because it's getting so late and I'm already up past my normal bedtime, I'm going to end this post and do an entirely seperate post tomorrow sharing the story of the persistent widow and the incredible lessons that all of us can learn from it. Trust me, you will want to read part 2!!! It may just change your least it may change your prayer life.
Hugs to each of you.

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