Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A few weeks ago, I got the shocking and heartbreaking news that my friend, Roben, has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Very briefly, here is her story. A year ago she found a small lump and had a mammogram done to check it out. The doctor told her it was of no concern and to come back in a year. No ultrasound or biopsy was done at that time. Fast forward to now and the tumor is softball sized and diagnosed as stage 3...due to size and lymph node involvement. She is 35 years old, is married to a very supportive and loving man, has 2 young children, and a strong strong faith. Needless to say though, she is scared as to what this could mean for her family and her. She has started chemo to shrink the tumor first, will have surgery, do more chemo, and then radiation. Tomorrow is her second round of chemo out of 16. She is going to Vanderbilt for her medical care and is doing to same chemos that I did. The only difference in our cancers is that hers is triple negative and mine was HER2 and ER positive. Please pray for her complete healing and pray for her family as they navigate through these murky waters called cancer.

Secondly, my younger brother called the other day to tell me about a colleague of his in the army whose wife, also in her early 30s, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. He didn't have any details but said that she may be calling me. I do not know anything except that her name is Melissa and she too has 2 young children. However, God knows every detail so please lift this sweet girl and her family up to Him.

I will keep you all posted as details come in on both of these girls so we can know specifically how to pray for my new "sisters" through this crappy disease. Love and hugs to each of you!