Saturday, April 24, 2010


I don't really feel like going into detail seeing as how I am emotionally exhausted, but I wanted to just ask all of my blog readers to keep praying for Tim...Kate's husband.
David and I went down to Franklin to hang out with him last night and truly had a wonderful time. We had dinner out and then hung out at their house for a while. We were priveleged to hear more about Kate and Tim's past adventures, family, etc... It was so enjoyable! The only thing that would have made the night more perfect was if Kate had been with us. I so wish she had been in the back seat with me on the way to the restaurant. I so wish she had been sitting beside Tim while we were eating. I desperately wish I could have hugged her goodbye when we left. However, I know that no matter how desperately I wish for those things, that Tim wishes for them tons more. So...I ask that you continue to pray that his heart will heal sooner rather than later.

Today has been a little rough for me too. Tim told me last night that Kate wanted me to have her pink boxing gloves that a family friend had given to her when she was diagnosed last year. She took them to every single appointment she had and even used them on several occasions. I'm telling you that I fought back tears when he handed them to me and I read the message that they had written on them to me. I have held those things so much since he gave them to me. I have them sitting on my bedside right now and quite honestly every time I see them I can just hear Kate telling me to keep fighting which is what I will do.

When I get my camera working again, I will post a pic of them and another pic of sweet Kate wearing them.

And if I haven't told each of you lately, I love you all and appreciate your prayers for me, my family, and my friends more than you will ever know.


  1. Crying and praying, praying and crying! Oh Lord, bless that sweet husband, bless him 100 fold for his sufferings!!!!!!!!!!!!