Saturday, March 6, 2010

She Is Gone

My heart is full of grief and heaviness as I type this entry. Kate, one of my best friends throughout this past year, lost her life to breast cancer today. She was one of the happiest, liveliest, most beautiful people I have been blessed to know and call friend. Her heart was bigger than you could ever imagine and she lit up a room when she walked in. She has left a wonderful legacy.

Here is the post that her husband put on her facebook page. It is beautifully written and I want you all to see her through his eyes too. Before I post it though, please know I cherish every single one of you and the prayers that you have offered on behalf of Kate and her family. I know that they have felt the love and peace that only Christ can give. With that being said...

Dear Family and Friends,

I regret to inform you that my wife Kate has lost her yearlong battle with Breast Cancer – Saturday, March 6 2010. She went peacefully and without pain or suffering. She was well taken care of and given lots of love from her family and friends. She will be extremely missed and I feel lucky to have had the past 12 years together. I know she will be with me, in my heart and soul, for the rest of my life. To know her is to love her.

Everyone she met she immediately charmed with her smile and bubbly happy attitude toward life. Her passion for life was unlike anyone I have ever met. She has done more in her 34 years than most people have done in a lifetime. For such a small cute person she was fearless and open to new things and embraced challenges. I am a better person today for knowing her and so is everyone else she has ever met. I can go on forever singing her praises but I don’t think my heart can take it right now.

Know that all of your support and friendship through this time truly has helped Kate’s family and I through this trying time. I cannot thank all of you enough for the prayers and well wishes. I have hugged and kissed Kate for all of you.

Thank you all, Regretfully Tim

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