Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vanderbilt Appt Update

Last month, January, was the first month that I have not been to see any doctor (oncologist, surgeon, etc) in a full year! It was GLORIOUS and I am so thankful for that whole month of not having to go. However, I did go yesterday for my 6 week check up and had a great report.

We started with my ECHO to check how effectively my heart muscle is beating (ejection fraction). They like for it to be between 55-70. Last time, it had dropped from 65 to 57 so that was just a tad bit worrisome. However, this time is was 62 so that is a blessing! After that scan was done, I went and had an espresso in the cafeteria and moved on to the cancer clinic for my labwork. If there is a blessing in getting stuck in the chest with a needle, it's that my numbing medication worked perfectly, and I had the best most fun nurse to draw my labs. I was happy to see him because he hadn't drawn my labs in a long time. Anyways, labwork came back perfectly. WBC's were borderline this time, but they were still okay. Blessing!!!

Next, came the tough part of the appointment. Seeing my doctor...I knew it would be emotional because she is Kate's doctor too and she knows that we are good friends. We talked about Kate for a while and she told me that Kate really struggled with whether to tell me or not because she didn't want me to give up hope for my healing (which I have NOT). We talked a little bit about the future and then the tears flowed. Doctor Mayer is THE most compassionate doctor I have ever been to. She really cares for and loves her patients so much and I could tell her heart is just as broken over Kate as mine and Kate's own family is.

Anyways, I got a good report from her and then headed back to Clarksville. I go back March 18th and then I get to skip all of April!!! Once May is over, I will be officially moved from going every 6 weeks to going every 12 weeks. I feel like I am graduating!

One thing I did learn yesterday...I'm not ready to go by myself to these appointments. I thought that I was because I am perfectly fine now, but realized that emotionally, I still need that support. I won't be stubborn next month but instead will let David go with me:)

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