Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tired but STILL Awake...UGH!

It's 2:10 AM and I'm still awake. Can't decide if it's the 3 Diet Dews I had yesterday, my husband's extremely loud snoring tonight, or that maybe God wants some time with me (which if that's the case, I better get off this computer).
Anyways, I have a lot on my mind right now so I'm going to list them here to get them out, pray through them, and then hopefully get some shut-eye.

1. Kate has stopped eating, drinking, and talking all together. My heart hurts for her family.
2. My friend and mentor who desperately wants another baby and who's husband NEEDS another job.
3. Jordan (younger brother) who has a HUGE exam on Wednesday which will determine his career path in the ARMY.
4. I am struggling with a decision I need to make soon. My heart is not at peace and my mind wants to go anywhere BUT there. I haven't even wanted to pray about it to this point because I just don't want to think about it. More on it after decisions are made.

So there's my list. Doesn't look like a lot when I list them...there's only 4. But boy those 4 have burdened my heart. I wish sometimes that we were able to just get a glimpse into how things would turn out. Just a quick peek! I guess if that were to happen though, we wouldn't be living out our lives in faith and trusting that EVERYTHING that God does is perfect and sovereign.