Monday, January 11, 2010

Visited With Kate Today

I was able to see Kate today for a little over an hour today!!! I cannot explain the urgency I felt to see her and God worked it out perfectly for me to get there today. We had a beautiful visit and I can't explain just how precious our time was together. Her hubby and sister said that today was the first time she has talked or smiled as much as she did in a long time. And honestly, it's the most I've laughed and smiled since I found out about her cancer being back. She and I are forever bonded by the crappy diagnosis of cancer but I am grateful that this crappy disease brought us into each other's lives.

Keep praying for a miracle healing to happen. I know that I am praying it and believing it because God CAN do it. No doubt. But the most important thing you can pray is for Kate to know that she knows that she knows that she is going to heaven to be with Jesus when she dies. I'm very unsure of whether she is for sure saved, but I did get a chance to talk to her about it today for a little bit. Please pray that the things I said to her will leave an impression on her heart and in her mind and that if she is not saved, that she will accept Christ sooner rather than later.
I am going to see her again on Thursday if she is still in the hospital, but more than likely it will be next Monday or Tuesday when I see her again at her home. Her husband told me that they have called in Hospice so that she can be home and they are hoping to go home tomorrow. And her sister told me that they are going to stop chemo.
I'll update more as I know, but until then, pray pray pray for Kate and her whole family. And selfishly, I am asking for prayer for me because my heart is absolutely breaking.

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